Sunday, May 15, 2011

A new week

Sorry it took me an entire week to reblog.  It really was a beautiful, albeit busy week.  Something going on almost every day (but Wednesday was sweet design heaven) and LOTS of time spent outside in the springtime warmth.  Alas - it's back to springtime wet and cold again - just in time for our wedding anniversary today.  It seems it's been that way the last couple years.  Which kind of bums me out, because we TRIED to start a tradition of enjoying the day visiting my favorite garden nurseries, strolling through the perennial gardens, gaining insight into what grows in shady, clay based Michigan gardens, and getting some unique and unusual garden growers as my anniversary gift.  Unfortunately for me-it has just been too rainy and nasty the last few years. And double whammy - it's on a Sunday this year - I think there's only one of the major nurseries open on Sundays around here, anyway.  So I am hoping it will be nice enough to maybe go one day during the week next week (I've cleared all but one day from my schedule.  I NEEDED it).  So today will probably be more like any other Sunday - I'll make breakfast (but I'll let him choose what he wants), we'll do chores like dishes and laundry - but we WILL be going out for dinner.  We have some nice restaurants around town - probably won't travel very far.  Plus - a couple places we keep talking about trying for our special day just aren't open on Sundays either.  So happy 29th!  Same old, same old - just like we like it. 
As I mentioned - I had a GREAT design day on Wednesday (and a little bit on Friday too). I hadn't realized the shear volume of designs until I started gathering pieces to photograph. WOW! I shelled out alot of jewelry last week! And I am particularly proud of this one: "A Drop of Grape".  The green leaves 'float' along the silver tubes on the sides. 

I surprise myself now and then - sometimes it takes weeks, months - forever it seems - for some designs to complete themselves (the poor Spring Garden fairy will probably be the 2012 Spring Garden fairy. lol). But this one just came together in nothing flat. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the silver ruffled bead 'cap'. I wore this one yesterday (I like to test drive some of the more detailed intricate pieces to see how they hold up and lay on the skin). PERFECT. No snags, scratches or loose ends. And bonus: I already had a bracelet and earrings done that matched it perfectly - so of course they'll be displayed together at the very first show of the summer. Whom I haven't gotten confirmation from yet. And it's less than a month away. If I haven't heard from them by beginning of next week, I believe a phone call will be in order.

So be prepared for more inspiration in the form of jewelry in the coming week. And oh, by the way - I start my volunteer work at The Lansing Art Gallery on the 24th! And then after that - I will probably be the First Sunday Gallery Walk volunteer. Those are a big deal here in town (ALL the galleries in a 40 mile radius take part) they are advertised in a big way, and bring in twice the clientele as a regular day. So many many possible contacts and customers to reach. BONUS! And since they're on Sunday - free parking. Even in the ramp. DOUBLE BONUS!
And so I leave you with another surprising but cool creation: "Snake Eyes" - note the clasp - and the pattern on the ovals - you get the idea....


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