Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blank canvases....

Both inside and out.  Ready for new projects on both the bead table - and in the yard.
 I LOVE how the garden arbor/arch turned out.  It was getting pretty ratty looking and weather worn, and I didn't like where I had it positioned.  THIS is where it will now remain - and I hope to have 4 oclocks, or maybe another Clematis climbing it by summer's end.  Now all I need is redwood mulch, and flowers, flowers, and more flowers....
THIS is my blank canvas outdoors.  It will be filled with a 10x10 tent, patio set, plants, chimes and ME.
I've always wanted a pretty, romantic, shady outdoor living space - and will try hard not to NAG my husband to get it done for me.  I think it's going to look wonderful - and will allow me to sit, relax, eat, read and BEAD outdoors. 
THIS is going to be a great summer....
And in case you were wondering - the open house at Coyote Wisdom went wonderfully.  Many visitors, many "ooooh, yay, beads" comments, and some sales too.  I'll be rockin' the shopping mall this week! 
The new hairdo turned out well too, and I hope to have an updated profile photo here and on FB very soon.  I'm a little worried about the amount of purple highlight color that went down the drain after my shower tonight though - let's hope there's still some in my hair!
Peaceful beading everyone,

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