Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wakin' up in Antarctica

It sure feels like we did anyway.  40 degree difference in temps from Thursday - when it was 84, humid and I was trying to get comfortable and cool enough to sleep.  Today - I don't think it got out of the 40's.  Way too cold to flower shop as we had originally planned, that's for sure.  In fact - had to flip the heat back on.  I was just entirely too cold.  And as soon as I'm done with this babbly little blog - I'm off to find some thick wool socks, and climb back under my pile of quilts.  Somebody remind about this day when I'm complaining about the heat.  My god, man, the heat.  I could use a little right now.  Maybe, just maybe since it IS our anniversary after all, I can get my hubby to snuggle.  (We usually require our own comfy spaces when vegging). 
Anyway - when we returned from our anniversary dinner, and before my fingers got too cold, I managed to finish yet another creation which I will photograph tomorrow, probably.  "Sweetness and Light".  Pink.  Flowery.  Pretty. 

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