Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Wow.  I have an ArtFire shop.  I've had it since 2009 - I think at the time I was sort of experimenting with selling on the internet, I was expanding my bead shop, doing more shows, and I somehow totally blanked on it.  I vaguely remember putting the items out there (and sadly - all three still exist, even after all this time).  So.  Now the question is - do I expand upon what is there and give it another go.  Etsy is totally NOT working for me, and I'm hearing things about them that lead me to believe they don't care about ethics or honesty - they're just in it to make those listing fees.
Hm.  Something to think about. And do I really want the extra work.   I've committed to SIX shows this summer - the once monthly Art Market that I did so-so at last year (glutton for punishment?  We shall see).  I'm also participating in an off shoot of THAT show called the Art WALK coming up in just a month.  And with the weather continuing to stay March like instead of May like, that means I could be in for disappointment.  Even though I got in early enough to get an indoor space, if it's cold and nasty no one's coming out, period.  Not only that, but my little space at Coyote is going gangbusters!  She gave me a HUGE check yesterday - it was as big as some I had had at the Schoolhouse space in the past.  I think she's excited, too, that I did so well during my first full month there.  And people ARE asking me for things - but, just as with the situation at the Schoolhouse, because I am not there every open hour of every day, it will be difficult to fulfill some of the requests.  Such as SINGLE beads.  I know many bead stores do it, but my case is a little different.  I try to sell shorter strands, sometimes splitting the 16" strands in half - or even thirds.   I don't know.  Gotta give that one a bit more thought....I also really, REALLY want more room.  Just a little bit.  In a corner.  Where I can LIGHT the rack.   I hope to be able to talk to her about that after the 90 day trial.  I think I proved my popularity in the first month, though!  Yowza!  And just in time, cuz momma needs some brand new clothes!
Be back later with Bead Table Wednesday.  But sadly - not much on it right now.  You can even see the table...~sigh~
Thanks for 'listening' to me babble.  I really should change the name of this blog to "Thinking Out Loud".  Because that's what it is, really.   Me putting my thoughts, and ideas, and the voices in my head at 3:30 am down in print.  And I appreciate that you made it to the end!

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