Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday, beautiful Sunday

This is the second time I've attempted to write this blog today - apparently Blogger and photos are having a bit of a tiff - so I guess the photo addition will have to wait til later.....
As you may remember, if you read this blog, I posted last Sunday that it was our 29th wedding anniversary, and that we usually spend going to out of the way little farm garden nurseries, and little markets.  One of my favorites is Everlastings in the Wildwood, about 45 minutes from home.  But because last Sunday was a rainy, windy, cold, nasty mess, any traveling other than out for dinner was out of the question.  Plus - I didn't think they were open on Sunday.  BUT - I've been thinking about that favorite place I love all week long, so I looked them up on the internet, liked them on Facebook, and discovered - EUREKA! - they ARE open on Sundays.  So we're going.  I'm already dressed, the Sunday chores are being either quickly done, or put off until later.  What a perfect way to spend a pretty spring Sunday afternoon.  Followed by the last matinee showing of the new Pirates movie.  Peppermint Mocha, gardens, flowers and Johnny Depp.  Perfection.

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jae said...

Yes, What a beautiful Sunday it was...mild and sunny. Noticed alot of FB friends posted "spending the day outdoors" or similar messages. Jas n I ended up w a pizza taken to the park for dinner. While there an elderly man came up and said he just had to express to someone how much he was enjoying the weather!! BB there's a great new week on the way!