Wednesday, May 18, 2011

BTW and Etsy news

I am closing my Etsy shop today. I was doing it gradually - just deleting items as they expired. But I'm getting so busy that I was forgetting about it, causing things to go inactive, and although that doesn't really hurt anything - I'd rather just have them off and done. PLUS - Etsy has been getting a lot of bad press lately. Not that I believe everything I read - but since it wasn't really working for me anyway - why put time and effort into it anymore? There are still about a dozen jewelry pieces out there - ALL of which I want for my first big summer show on June 11 - and none which were due to expire before then. So now it's done. I can sell, show, display all of my beads and jewelry and not worry about selling something that was listed somewhere. I WILL update my website and use IT to sell with at some point - not sure why I'm so intimidated by that. And I still don't quite have the tech-knowledge to do it on my own.
I have been doing a lot of thinking about where to concentrate my business, and I really think before I can branch out into WORLD WIDE notoriety ( haha ) I have to be known locally first. So, I have a magnet ad on my car, I just ordered a BANNER to drape across the front of my tables at the shows, and I am volunteering at the Art Gallery so the artsy folks will become familiar with me. And most important for me - spending time with ME.  I love my ME time - especially in the summer while surrounded by the beauty of my garden.  I also have some non bead related commitments this summer too, that will keep me on my toes - like a new monthly new age themed book club that I am hosting with a co worker at the bookstore. And working hours at the bookstore. And I'm wearing myself out just writing about all of my commitments, and those don't count the bead group days and field trips (Detroit here we come!), and in just a few weeks, the weekly 'mom' days. We try to get together and go somewhere and do something fun once a week when she's home for the summer. Bead Table Wednesday just may have to take a back seat - unless I remember to do it really early in the morning! Speaking of which - here's my BTW for this week - the start of a new project - the name of which came to me as I was posting the photo on Flickr....Stillness.

Peaceful beading, one and all....

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