Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweetness and Light

That's the name that came to me for this piece:

Not the best photo - had a hard time showing the detail with it lying down - but this didn't really work, either.  I may try to take it outside if it ever warms up.  My poor hubby is braving the sunny yet still chilly morning to mow the lawn - it was getting to be a jungle because we've had so much rain. 
And I know not very many people read this blog - but I'm going to put this request out there anyway - does anyone know where I can find and/or purchase a copy of Joyce Scott's "Fearless Beadwork"?  It currently out of print, but I'm hoping someone may know of a shop or store or a beader somewhere that will part with a copy.  I've tried various places on line, with no success.  I heard about it - and have seen other beaders resulting projects with instruction from it - on Kate McKinnon's blog.   It looks really really excellent for those of us that love the curly, frilly, fiddly seed bead work.  I'm on a mission to find that book!   Don't even know what the cover looks like - I don't think either of our local book stores (B&N, Schuler's) will have it, cuz if they did - I already would! - but I'm checkin' anyway!  (It was originally published in 1995).  I WILL manifest this book.  Cuz I WANT IT!
This is going to be one of my last free-ish weeks.  My ONLY busy day will be tomorrow - spending the day at Coyote just beading and being there to create some customer interest.  Still haven't had ANY sales this month.  BIG change from last month.  Yikes.  Let's hope we can turn that around before June arrives.  I did have someone there ask me about a catalog.  And I'm still tossing the idea around in my head.  I've tried to do them before, but the thing about catalogs - is they are usually for items that can be copied and/or mass produced.  My work is one of a kind - and spread out from here to the north end of town and back. I would hate for someone to see something they want, only to find it already sold or committed to another location. Ideally, that was what my website was supposed to for.  But since the PayPal part has never gotten up and running (partially my fault) - I haven't really used it to it's full potential.  And I feel it would, just as Etsy has - keep me from offering the pieces at other venues.  There are some pieces that I currently have on Etsy that ARE coming off before I start summer shows - because I feel that the customers here should have the opportunity to see and purchase them.  And since Etsy sucks - well, that's what I'm doin'.  I'm sorry if I'm offending Etsy lovers with that statement - but it's not been a money maker or good marketing tool for me-despite all the work and commitment I put into it.  I STILL say Etsy is only for cliquey friends of friends of friends - it's who you know that will get you noticed and bought from.  The rest is just buried, or worse yet -stolen from as far as ideas and patterns.  I know I'm not alone in my thought about this - and I know I've written about it here in my blog before, so I'll shut up now. 
Besides - my chocolate chocolate chip muffins and my hazelnut creme coffee are done. 
Peaceful beading Monday, everyone...

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