Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dreaming of Swarovski crystals

I know I posted photos of these waaaaay waaaay back when I first created them, but this post is for Lisa and the Bead a Day bloggers.  The top three photos are of  'The Dream'.  Simply named because I had a dream about this necklace, and had to immediately create it the same day - luckily, I had everything I needed to do so.  It also has a rather sad history, in that I actually sold it to a friend in another state who saw the photo on FaceBook, so she got the money to me, I shipped it, but when she received it - she decided she didn't like the actual color - which is more of a lavender purple than she expected.  So it came back.  And here it remains.  I had it on Etsy for awhile, but then closed the shop, so I hope it will go at one of my summer shows.  I've also done something similar to this in hot pink, which I don't think I ever photographed!  It's at Coyote, and will also join 'The Dream' at the summer shows. The bottom one is of "Bitten" which, along with several bracelets - went along with a whole Twilight theme I had going at a fall show last year.  It has been relegated to the do-over box, and will be reborn at some point.   I hope Swarovski branches out and adds more colors to the Navette line - they seem a bit limited right now, and I've already used the colors I like to work with.  Now I wish I had a photo of the hot pink and black one - if I discover I've got one somewhere - I'll post later.
Off to finish getting ready for my very first day of volunteering at The Lansing Art Gallery Should be fun, despite the parking issues.  Our downtown officials are so gung ho about bringing people down and getting them to STAY - but they make parking limited and difficult (I'm sure so that parking tickets bring more $$ to their coffers).  That's the only pain, and the reason I'm glad the rest of my volunteer days for the foreseeable future are on SUNDAYS - FREE PARKING!  YAY!
Peaceful beading,

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