Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - barely

I just realized that I forgot to post my BTW photo! I usually do that right along with posting on the Flickr site, but with so many things to do today - well - it's still Wednesday, so here it is...

I have since added the seahorse, strung the necklace, and have started adding seed bead 'anemone' to the bottom beaded portion below the silver tubes on both sides. Looks really cute. I just cannot 'simply string' very much anymore - I either have to add seed beads, chain, charms, SOMETHING to make it unique.

Photo when done. Probably Friday.
On an added summer show note: I just found out that our big downtown City Market is going to start having "First Friday" Art Markets. I'm THERE! They are supposed to be sending me the details in the next few weeks. So between those, the other 6 shows, volunteering at the Art Gallery, keeping fresh jewelry at the Art Gallery, and keeping up with things at Coyote, not counting working THERE - I may be TOO busy. I need relaxation time this summer, especially since my deck and garden is quickly becoming the oasis I've always dreamed it would be. The tent went up today, the arch is in place. Next - mulch, flowers, chimes, lights, and ME.....
Peaceful beading,

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