Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I couldn't decide which project to put on Flickr for this week's BTW - I technically have two in the works.  I chose THIS ONE:

Bronze bicones, with clear/bronze cathedrals and hearts.  NO idea where I'm going with it, but then, that's half the fun of the creation!
This is the one I chose not to post:  I take it with me to Coyote when I work, and take it to my bead group.  As you can see - it's in the BEGINNING stages...still unnamed - but very Autumnal....

I also posted the finished "Stillness" - from last weeks BTW project beads. 

 I am going to attempt to do some beading today, after a 6 day bead table fast.  Not sure if I'll work on the autumn face piece, the clear/bronze thing, or come up with yet another project combo. I recently got some very cool summery abalone/paua shell pendants that need bead buddies...   all I know is that it's rainy, cold, and gray AGAIN - and I think I need my beads.
Peaceful beading,


Beauty Care said...

Stillness is pretty funky


coolmoon said...

Thanks, Liha. That piece took me awhile - I couldn't quite get the lengths right. As it is, it was supposed to be 4 strand.
Sure wish I could find more of those Buddha faces, though. They were a clearance thing at a store way last year - so thinkin' they're no longer available. Bummer.