Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prosperous year!

In books at least.   I've won another blog contest - and once again - a book!  I won 'A Bead in Time' by Lisa Crone of ABeadADay.  YAY!  I loved the bugle bead book I won from Lorelei Eurto, and have some ideas floating around in my head, and of course, a reason to order more beads.  And it's funny (ironic? weird? KARMIC?) how these things tend to happen in patterns - I have a customer that loves to bead - but only in January.  She's 91.  Spry. Alert. Healthier than I am probably.  Still DRIVES! (eek!) She's a dancer.  Goes dancing every weekend in the summer.  And she's been coming to me to help her find the VINTAGE beads to fix her 'dancing jewelry'.  It's been quite the challenge - with the latest one being some vintage BUGLES in a white opaque.  I'm not sure I can come through for her - I'm sure they are from way, way, WAY back when.  So I'm trying to come up with a way to help her redesign and replace some of the pieces in her beloved dancing jewels.  I'm sure they hold many memories for her, and she is reluctant to change them for the most part.  At 91, I suppose she has the right to want what she wants....
Sales tax form day.  Not so yay.  But needs to be done.  I've got the cash - I just hate to part with it when there's bead buying to be done!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is the moon causing this craziness?

Must be that full "wolf moon" thing goin' on out there.  People are being crazy.  Or maybe their normal quirkiness is bugging me more because of it.  Either way -
People.  $1.99 for a bag of beads is NOT alot of money.  Please don't try to talk me down.
People.  Turning left from the right hand turn lane is not a good move unless you are from another country.
People.  Trying to take advantage of an antique dealer just because she's blonde and therefore you believe she has no brains is NOT COOL.
Just a few of the Saturday events that peeved me today.  Otherwise - it was a pretty good day.  Still cold, but sunny.  And that counts for something in January.
Still haven't had that frog day I blogged about.  Had a shipment of beads and crystals to put out - so it's been postponed.  Brought the project home, so tomorrow if all goes as planned....RIPPIT!
Great month at LRSH and Cool Moon.  I'm happy!  :0)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

UhOh Moment

Everyone has them.  One of those out of the blue UHOH's.  Mine was at about 2am.  Woke up out of a sound sleep and realized that I had copied but not MIRRORED the second strap side for "King's Ransom", and that all the embellishment and work I did yesterday is BACKWARDS!  So today will be frog day - rippin' it out!
Dang.  I hate frog days.
Downright cold here in the frozen North.  Only 18 degrees DAYTIME temps today, and the wind is just whippin'.  So there's a wind chill factor.  I noticed that many of the schools are either closed (mostly rural), or are on a delay.  I know I wouldn't want to be standing at a bus stop in this weather.  It's bad enough I'm going to have to stop and pump gas. 
So I guess I better stop grumbling and get on with it.  At least there's one good thing, well two - the SUN is shining and it's COYOTE DAY!  That group always makes everything better.  And it's a south facing classroom with big radiators.  So with the sun shining in and the heat cranked up -  we will be warm AND happy.  Yay.
Hope to have King's Ransom completed by the weekend.  Hopefully no more setbacks or frog days....jeesh.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Somebody stop me!

Artbeads sent me a 20% off coupon.  How nice of them.  And it was burning a hole in my email pocket.  So, having been internet window shopping just last night, I had to do it.   When I window shop - I tend to look on the pricier pages - wishing and hoping and oohing and aaahing.  This time, one pendant in particular caught my eye - a large bronze pendant from Artbeads bearing the quote 'The Heart has reasons that reason does not know".  For some reason that just made my heart skip a beat, and resonated with me on so many levels.   At the regular price of a whopping $39.99, however - I didn't really consider it an option.  But Artbeads is sneaky.  They sent me that coupon, and having thought about that pendant all night long - I could no longer resist.  So I broke down.  I did it.  It, along with some fun Swarovski butterfly, moon and cosmic pendants are winging their way to me.  This heart new what it wanted - it was that pendant!  So many projects - so little time.  I am already picturing it with bronze chain, and some chunky semi precious stones.  I haven't decided on color yet - since it will definitely be MINE - I want to wait and see how it feels in my hand first.
It's going to be a great Wednesday - especially since the sun is shining!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Found it!

I KNEW I had a photo of the beginning stages of "Kings Ransom".  Sometimes I surprise myself - wait until you see what it looks like of finished piece will blow you away!

New plan

Ok, so maybe 365 was a bit of a stretch.  Like my husband said yesterday - "WHAT?  It hasn't even been 30 days, and ya messed it up already."   Yes. I. did.  So - the new plan - is to just blog when I want to blog - maybe every day - maybe skipping a day (or two. or five).  I DO have a life, but some days - it feels as though I have a lack of one.  Just not much to report from day to day. 
I DO have a teaser to leave you with for today, however - I am in the beginning stages of a piece called "Kings Ransom".  It has morphed from being hodge podge and lopsided into something very wonderful, and I am still thinking about ways to embellish the neck strap to complete it.  The focal piece is Purple Magnesite.  The Swarovski's I'm using are Colorado Light Topaz 2XAB.  I may need to stop and order more of those to complete it in the regal way in which I believe may be intended.  I THOUGHT I had a photo of the beginning stages - but I guess you'll just have to imagine it.  The final photo will be here as soon as it's complete....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ooops - I knew that would happen

I missed one.  I didn't blog yesterday.  Between cooking and creating - just didn't have the time.  Or have much to say.  Although - if I keep coming up with all of these great recipes to try, I may have to start sharing those on a blog too.     

So anyway - here is the photo of 'Break of Dawn'.  Cool, huh?  I love working with the faces.  They just seem to 'talk' to me while I work on them.  And I've rarely been disappointed with the way they tell me to bead them.  Can't wait to put this one out at the shop - it's for sale for $60.00.
Off for another fun day of errands.  Need to go weather check my parents summer home down in Mason.  I don't think we've even checked it since they left in October.  I'm sure if there was anything MAJOR - their park super would tell them - but we just want to check for leaks, and make sure all is secure.  Then off to the other side of the city for some other errands - so go, go, go.  AND - it's starting to snow.  Lovely.
Hope to find the time to blog again much for blogging 365.  At least it's close...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whew - almost missed one

Just getting in under the wire!  Had a very busy day, on my feet for most of it, consequently - not really feeling great when I arrived home.  The lower back area of the injury that I sustained about 12 years ago still gets twingey when I'm on my feet alot - so I immediately needed ibuprofen and the heating pad.  It's better now.  AND - it was nice to be served dinner and be waited on by my hubby.  He warmed up last nights pizza left over from the pizzeria.  Still yummy.
Tomorrow I should have a photo of my newest piece.  Somehow, over the last few days between creating new space, and rearranging, and hanging up beads - I still managed to hammer out a new piece.  "Break of Dawn" is another one of my intuitive designs - had NO idea what would happen.  I just chose colors, & a focal piece and started beading.   And it's beautiful....
Hopefully, next week I'll also have a photo of the newest part of Cool Moon -  It's RED!  The previous vendor had painted the space brick red - and I kind of like it.  I'm using part of it for gallery framed pieces, which are nicely lit from above, and part of it for hanging beads.   I've come so far in 3 years.  I'm tickled that I've got a regular customer base, people that keep happily returning again and again.  And a few of those customers are even from out of town - which means they make a special point of visiting me.   NICE.  :0) They have helped make it possible for me to attain the new space - ALMOST the entire center of the Schoolhouse.  I may one day be able to take over the spaces along the west aisle - THEN we'd be talking bead space!  I think I'm going to have to stick with what I've got for now, though.  It's a nice flow of strings and bags, not too crowded, and a little easier now to see everything.  I hope.   Here's to lots of prosperous, beady days in the future.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Did you know...

That it's been a whole year since I published my books?  In hindsight - I wish I had looked into finding an actual publisher that would get them out there to places like bookstores and Amazon.  But - I didn't.  They can be ordered though (through, or bought at my shop if people are interested.  I think the most rewarding part of it was the DOING.  The completion.  The accomplishment.  The LOOK WHAT I DID!   I still take them both out every once in a while and browse though them, and surprise myself that it's something I have done.
Many others have published books lately - so many of you that I share blogging with - Beverly, Cynthia, Marcia, and others.  I'm sure that you all feel the same way.  YAY US! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I don't win things very often.  But that doesn't mean I don't keep trying.  I enter the bead sweepstakes and blog comment contests all the time anyway - and one of them FINALLY paid off!  Thanks, Lorelei Eurto, for offering the bugle bead book.  Because now it's MINE!   I WON!   Can't wait for it to arrive.
Today is my favorite day - Thursday, AKA Coyote day.  I meet with my group there today, and it's getting so we have so much fun together that we're meeting later and later.  Soon I won't even be making it to the shop on Thursdays.  But it's for a good cause.  Any issues I have, or bad mood, or anything is wiped away and replaced with positive energy and happy people.  Gotta love that.  Not that the people at The Schoolhouse aren't happy - for the most part, they are, and I love it there too - but my Coyote group is different.  Good different.  Happy different.  Spiritually different.   And it's just what I need today.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blah Blog

Today, despite having lots to do, and playing in beads, was a rather blah day for me.  Just felt kind of down.  All day.  No reason really.  Just a cold, gray day with no customers.  Same way it's been for oh, about a week now.  Just when I'm gearing up and excited about taking on more space, after having one of the best months ever, and a great year all around - the customers just slack right off.  I'm still going to expand - I'll just have to try and find a way to get 'em in the door.
Finished reading "The Lovely Bones" on Monday.  All in all - it was an ok book, and interesting perspective on heaven from the writer's point of view.  Makes me wonder where she got the idea to write the book that way.  I'm glad I read it, but I don't think I will go running for the theatre to see the movie.  I've now got a pile of about 5 books to read - Fern Michaels, Anita Shreve and the like. All thanks to the Little Red Schoolhouse 'lending library', AKA the used book booth.  We vendors are allowed to borrow and return any books on the shelf that are for sale.   Good night for reading too.  Still freezing even though I'm wearing a blanket sweater AND wool socks, so after a warming, comfort food dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread, I'm off for the lounger, three blankets and a book.  I hope that it, along with the anticipation of my Thursday morning group, will improve my mood.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cool contest

Check out Artbeads 10th anniversary contest - you can win a $1,000 shopping spree!

Got lots done at the shop today.  All the Swarovski birthstone bicones are now hanging up, and all the stringing material I've had for a week is finally out.  Tomorrow will be seed bead check in day, and the new Beach Glass order will be here by Friday.  I hope to get all those done by end of next week, and THEN I get to start MOVING semi precious beads so I can EXPAND my space.  Although we are removing a wall, I am gaining another 8 foot of space and two other walls to make up for it.  Big job though - may even need hubby's help for a day.  He just doesn't know it yet.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

I think I need a push

For some reason, I cannot bring myself to get an Etsy shop.  I've gone to the website, checked out all the terms, talked to a few people about their sites (some pro, some con), looked through the listings, and still can't seem to bring myself to make the commitment.  I have always been afraid of the future unknown - and this is definitely a future unknown.  Plus my brain is totally wrapped around another upgrading change at the moment - expanding my shop at The Schoolhouse.  Adding another 'booth' space to my shop, which means removing a wall, rearranging my stock, AND - taking on another $100 in rent every month.  THIS is a big step for me, as I am never sure what I will bring in from one month to the next.  And I keep wondering if having that Etsy shop will bring the extra that I need to keep things going, to still have enough extra to visit that big wholesale show coming in April, to have a little left over to say I'm finally REALLY making a profit.  It's all very scary.  My Thursday morning group, which is all about positive thought and prosperity - all think I should do it, and of course, the girls at The Schoolhouse think I should do it.  Not just because it's a big jump in rent being paid to them, but because it would truly add to the ambiance and flow of the area my shop is in. They feel my excitement, too.   I have big plans involving rugs, and lamps, and furniture, etc. - so it will initially cost me much more.  I don't have just pegboard walls and bags and strings, folks.  I am a designer of ALL things, and that includes my spaces - living and working and playing.
Lots to think about on this Monday, which just happens to be a holiday, which I forgot about, so I've attempted to check the mail AND go to the library.  At least the coffee shop was open....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of Buddhas and butterflies....

Just spent a quiet Sunday morning compiling a bead order.  It's so fun!  Granted - the final PRICE isn't so fun, but the joy of new beads and the gratitude of my customers for carrying items that the other guys do not is PRICELESS.   That's why it was so fun to be the buyer for the new age bookstore for awhile.  We would go to wholesale shows like G&LW, I would choose all the lovely stones, jewelry and other imports, as well as a few beads for myself - and then send the OWNER in to pay.  NOW THAT'S SHOPPING!   I still enjoy it....even if I'm the one doing the paying now.   I just have to spread it out a little more.....
Not much else to blog about today - and it's going to be a busy one.  TWO birthday parties - one for a 6 year old (they grow up so fast), and one for my BFF Tracy.  One oclock and 6 oclock.  Lunch, cake, dinner, drinks and probably more cake.  YIPPEE!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rising above....

That is my aspiration of the moment.  Rising above and letting go of my resentment for another vendor at The Schoolhouse.  I really need to work on it, as there is nothing I can do to change the situation except ACCEPT.  And I'm finding it hard to do.  Because she's just so darn smug and passive aggressively sappily sweet that I just want to smack it right out of her.  But I can't.  I need to try to go within and center and calm and remember that her issues are HERS, and let it go.    Rise above.  Easier said than done.
That's all I've got for a blog topic today I'm afraid.  But maybe it can be food for thought for everyone as we move into the age of Pisces. 

Friday, January 15, 2010

Vintage Bonanza!

I love my friends at The Little Red Schoolhouse.  When they go shopping for antiques and collectibles, they also look for the perfect vintage BEADS for me!  In this case, though, the vintage beads came to US!  Apparently, someone showed up with a truck load of estate items - among them a large, paper grocery bag full of vintage circa 60's and 70's costume jewelry.  None of it really worth much as a whole - BUT - broken down, and sold as beads, wonderful beads - I think I can make something off them.  And the best part - because there were so many other treasures among the items that the dealers bought - the costume jewelry WAS FREE!  I LOVE FREE BEADS! They're so good for the profit margin!   So I spent the better part of my afternoon breaking down vintage strands of lucite, glass, wood and other interesting things.   There will be an entire section (or basket at least) devoted to vintage bits and pieces.    Yay. 
Things are looking up and forward for Cool Moon, that's for sure.  I'll be expanding my space again; I'm going to break down and get an Etsy shop, and may even get a Google website.  I'm passing on doing the EBay thing again for now though, until I see how the other ideas play out.  Didn't like their total disrespect of me as a FIRST TIME lister - they could have been a little more understanding and apologetic about pulling me.  They sent me a survey - and I gave them a piece of my mind....
Nighty night.  Off to continue reading 'The Lovely Bones'.  Don't know why I never read it when it came out almost 10 years ago.  Always meant to.  Now I am.  Not into it enough yet to say I love it - but it's an interesting take on how this author perceives heaven.   I'll let you know my final cheer or jeer when I'm done....


Here are my latest treasures....the top left is "Singing the Blues" - a blue agate cab, surrounded with peyote and embellished RAW, edged with a matte magatama.  I also used Kyanite and Blue Goldstone in the strap, along with creating some cute embellished RAW tubes.  More time consuming than plain peyote - but WOW!  Love this - it's for sale at the shop - $75.00
The center is the 'before' photo of the cool vintage butterfly necklace I found at The Schoolhouse.  Those little details in the wings are all filigree - begging, no SCREAMING - to be beaded.  This may be a project for later down the line - but thought it was cute, and the price was right (free! because of a gift certificate). 
Lastly, we have Cool Moon - my logo resined onto a clear glass tile.
These are created by my friend Jessica.  She does a great job - she can pretty much do any photo you wish - check out her Etsy site - GlassyChicShop.
I decided to do 'plain' on this piece after all, because of the simpleness of the logo pendant.  I've already worn it, and love it. 
That's all for now.  Off for a busy day of checking in NEW BEADS!  All 12 months of Swarovski bicones for the Birthstones, as well as some other fun things too.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

An old piece renewed

I've got lots of photos to take and post, but until then, here's a photo of "Aqua Goddess".  This piece has been around for several years, and is one of my first "Face of the Goddess" series pieces.  As she sat in the case, or went on the road to shows, her silver accents were exposed to grimy air, and consequently turned BLACK.  She's been put away in a bag for awhile, because I was deciding about redesigning or even a complete start over from scratch.  Then I received a miracle in a spray order received from a wholesale vendor included a free sample of some SPRAY ON silver cleaner.  This small spray nozzle allowed for a small concentration of silver cleaner to go right to the silver itself, and not on all the other beads too, like dipping it would have had to do.  WOW!  It looks like a brand new piece.  I may still redesign the necklace part, as it's in need of a fresh design, but the silver surrounding the face and actually sewn in to the fringes looks amazing!  I will definitely be getting some of this wonderful spray on cleaner the next time I order from that vendor!
Much more to post - "Singing the Blues" is now finished, as well as my logo pendant, and that photo of the great vintage butterfly that's in need of beading....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo postponement

I had hoped to post some photos of some cool stuff with this blog - but the camera was not available when I needed it.  So maybe in the morning - or tomorrow evening.  In any case - tomorrow's posting should include some new creations.
Boy, Mercury Retrograde sure is kicking my butt this time around.  CLASSIC stuff happening, that's for sure.  The EBay thing - Mercury Retrograde.  Changing schedule.  Mercury.  Camera.  You guessed it.  And now for the latest - I have to return Tracy's birthday gift because she already went out and bought it for herself.  Brat.  So back I go to get her the first thing I had in mind.  Classic. 
Not feeling like cooking tonight either - which is either Mercury Retrograde, or just plain laziness, I haven't decided which.  I'm volleying back and forth between Jade Garden (chinese takeout 2 blocks away), or Sammy's Lounge - sports bar around the corner.  Either way, even though they are close to home, it means putting on shoes and coats and going back out into the frozen north again. 
Toodles - off to get the noodles.....:0)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Busy day small post

I just realized in the middle of NCIS that I almost missed a blog day!  Not much to report - I have photos to take and post tomorrow, but today - pretty non eventful except for the new bead customer friend that was made today.  Someone that I met at a craft show before the holidays, that kept me in mind, and paid me a visit.  I think we're going to have fun together - I love it when they are so willing to learn.  Like big beady sponges....
More to blog tomorrow of a piece complete, and a vintage necklace I found that is SCREAMING to be beaded....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Better blog now

Guess I better blog now - since tonight I'll be ensconced under blankets in my woolens and in front of the TV - for NEW SHOWS.  Finally.  It seems it's been weeks. It HAS been weeks.  Monday night comedies are my husbands FAVORITES, and we've had a standing steady date to spend it together for a long time.  We've been missing out - sure, there's reruns, but it's just not the same as laughter at something new and unexpected.  And he LOVES to laugh.  And I love to hear him laugh.  Can't wait.
Very quiet day today.  Barely opened the blinds, huddled either in the chair or at the dining table with a bead or two (ok, a few more than that, but you get it).  It's been snowing ALL DAY LONG - a mix of barely noticeable sleety bitty flakes, to big, giant slow motion falling flakes.  Our snow blower is getting a work out this week, that's for sure.
I have Facebooked photos of the current work in progress - but I think I'll wait to post the final one here.  AND - it still doesn't have a name.  Usually it comes to me right away.  For some reason it's not coming - but maybe it will when I get to the shop, and lay it out on the design board with the semi precious rounds and accents I have in mind for it.  
Supposed to be a sunny week and in the upper 30's by Friday.  We shall see. Until then - hello wool socks and blankets....and the heat is even ON.
P.S.  Sorry if any of you are having a hard time finding me on Facebook.  I didn't realize how many of 'me' there were until someone did a search.  And even putting in my area and city isn't working.  So I've got to come up with something to help narrow it down.  Any suggestions?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cross with Crosswords

Most of you may not know (or care, but oh well) that my OTHER favorite past time after beading is crossword puzzles.  One of my favorite puzzles to do comes in our local community paper on Sundays.  Or at least it USED to.  About a year ago, the paper was taken over by a different company - and has been going steadily downhill ever since - starting, unfortunately, with MY crossword puzzle.  They either print the same one two weeks in a row (as they did today), or put the wrong grid with the wrong clues, mis number the grid, or don't bother to print the answer box (horrors!).   You would think that with newspaper editing being what it is SUPPOSED to be today - that a crossword puzzle would be a piece of cake. 
So anyway, since I already have a headache, presumable because of this cold that I thought was almost gone, I'm feeling a bit crabby, so finding that I once again was robbed of my puzzle didn't help.  Tried napping.  Still there.  I'm good as long as I'm not moving, but as soon as I stand, turn, bend, or BREATHE - my head throbs.  Nice.
So if by chance you are a reader who is also a beader and a customer at the shop - sorry I've not been around since THURSDAY.  It will be Tuesday before I show my face again, and then I'll be taking another day off later next week to make a road trip to Frankenmuth.  Bead Haven is calling my name - and I now have 2 almost empty tubes of beads being used in a project that I need to replenish that I got there.  I'm hoping that Tracy will accompany me - we need to get her out of town and away from drama for a few hours.   Although I think she thrives on drama.  But that's a blog for another day....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

News from Sunny Florida

IT'S SNOWING IN FLORIDA!   Yep, you read that right.  My mom just called.  They are in The Villages - which is just about an hour east of Tampa - or a little less than hour south and west-ish from Ocala and Orlando.  29 degrees.  Frozen palm trees and tropical plants.  AND SNOW.  Just flurries.  But still.  I laughed and I laughed and I laughed.  We here in the frozen north got just under 6 inches of snow in the last go round - with a little bit more on the way on Monday.  So anyone who might be thinking about escaping the snowy north and heading south - you may want to think SouthWEST instead - because I think they are probably the only warm states (Arizona, New Mexico) in the U.S.    Brrrr.....
Staying home with this cold for another day.  The shop has been downright dead in the last couple days anyway (I checked with the girls.  Nary a customer).  And no one wants these germs spread around.  I probably got them from there anyway, which is bad enough.   So I will continue working on projects and playing here at home.  Still nothing photo worthy - does anyone else find it hard to be creative when their brain is muddy with snot and codeine based cough syrup?
At least the sun is shining.....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sniffle sniffle

Just when I thought I was lucky enough to stay clear of the germs that are constant at the Schoolhouse - they got me.  Sniffle. Sniffle.  Cough. Cough.  Not too bad, though - but enough so that I'm staying home today.  Between the weather and the germs, I don't think they will be surprised.  I was surprised, however, at how many people were out and about during the snowfall yesterday.  I even had a few bead customers.  In a snowstorm.  We DO love our beads, don't we? 
I brought home way lots of projects, and have no idea what to do next - so maybe some photos later.  I will definitely have a photo of my new little logo pendant.  We recently added a vendor at the Schoolhouse that takes photographs, clipart, or whatever, manipulates them to a certain size, and resins them along with a necklace bail onto a clear square tile.  So it's like a little photo on a chain. And I had her do my moon logo, & I'm going to do a fancy necklace for it (cuz I don't DO plain).   She actually did two of them, and I initially turned one into a keychain, but I just had a thought as I am writing this, that I should probably do a fancy necklace for the second one too, and have it displayed at the shop.  That would possibly bring in customers for BOTH OF US.    BRILLIANT!
On an unrelated, but still rather cool note - I just discovered yesterday that I am able to access the web from my new cellphone!  I knew it had the icon for it, but since I'm doing prepaid minutes, I didn't think it would work with the basic level of service.  Not sure how often I'll use it - but I accessed this blogsite from it - so I know it works!  Not sure I could write in my blog from my phone, though.  My texting is worse than hunt and peck typing.  I think teenagers were given the texting ability instead of common sense....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Thursday

Snow.  Snow.  Snow. Snow. Snow. 
It sounds pretty when it's sung in "White Christmas", and it looks pretty when it's clinging to the trees.  But what's NOT so pretty is driving in it.  Even in 4 wheel drive.  I've hated it since I started driving at 16.
So stressful.   So I packed up about 5 bead projects, made my way through the snowy tundra (a 20 minute trip took over 50) and will be playing here at home - maybe even for the whole day tomorrow.  It's not supposed to stop until there's about 6 inches.  Yick.
But I did make a couple revelations today - I can access the internet from my new PHONE!  I had no idea that even though it showed me the icon for it, I was able to actually use it with my prepaid basic model.  AND - I'm supposed to be able to email myself pictures that I take, but have yet to figure that one out.  I was also informed by a friend WHY EBay kicked me out.  Because too many foriegn sellers were disguising IVORY as bone to get it through.  Ruined it for those of us that using the legitimate domestic harmless bone - although they claimed it was wrong for me to use that form, too.  Whatever. 
Today being Thursday, it was also Coyote day!  I LOVE my group that I meet with on Thursdays there, and since our last two weeks included holidays, we haven't seen each other in awhile.  So nice to get together with them again.  Get that positive, thought provoking conversation going again.
So I guess now that I've done my blog for the day, I'll go bead!  Bead, bead, bead, bead, BEAD!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

EBAY frustration

I could either scream or cry.  I haven't decided.  Maybe both.  I spent 4 HOURS completing ONE listing of this piece - writing the description and bio, getting PayPal set up (a nightmare in itself), getting the perfect photos - and EBAY removed the listing completely because they don't like the face.  It's carved bone.  Sold in a jillion bead stores and on-line shops.  But nope.  EBAY won't allow it.  Fine.  I'll go sell stuff somewhere else.  I want to scream at someone SO BAD right now.  I'm shaking I'm so angry. 
I knew there was a reason that I didn't want to list with them.  I don't think I ever will.  I tried ArtFire once, but am tempted to try it again simply because of it.  Someday.  Not sure I can deal with all that again.
Think I'll go find my cozy wool socks, my pile of blankets and the TV remote.  $#@*& EBAY.....

Carnivale time

This is one of my favorite simple pieces that I did just upon returning from Florida.  And I sold it this weekend.  YAY me!  But alas....there is more to the story....
I received a note that my husband's aunt and a friend had been shopping in my space, and OOOPS, they broke a bracelet.  Only, funny thing - the bracelet wasn't one of mine.  So I got to play sleuth for a few days, and finally, put it all together (except for the bracelet itself) yesterday.
There is another beader who slyly chose to put her sparkly, somewhat gaudy, and not very well made jewelry items just  katty corner from my space in the craft mall.  I say slyly, because she was assuming at the time that people would eventually, if not routinely, mistake her items for mine, and purchase them more readily.  Unfortunately for ME - it works for her.  The mystery of the broken bracelet was solved by discovering a matching necklace in HER booth.  Apparently Aunt Nancy and her friend 'assumed' that the jewelry across the way was also mine, and purchased several items from IT, along with the Carnivale piece of mine.  She was quite disappointed to hear that this had happened, as her friend is already on her way back to parts unknown.  Oh well.  It's not like the booths aren't marked with our names, but people that don't understand the concept of each space being a different vendor don't really pay attention to that.  I left the broken bracelet at the front counter to be passed along to the other beader.  Not quite sure how to overcome this sales obstacle without being present from 10am to 8pm EVERY SINGLE DAY.   
Anyway --- getting the blog thing out of the way really early today.  Not quite sure what the day will bring (is anyone really ever?) but the PLAN is to do my monthly inventory, make up a Birthstone sample poster, and do some EBay investigation.  NO actual beading in the plan for the second day in a row.  I can't stay away too long....too many ideas rattling around my brain.
TTFN - and Happy Beading!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Almost missed it already

Shew.  Time flies.  Managed to get my display cases 'de-christmased', and do a little straightening at the shop.  Before I know it, it's 4:30 - and then was paid a visit by my favorite GREAT nephew - CALVIN!  What a busy 2 year old.  It was nice to visit with Steph and Kim, too.  Miss her lots since she and my brother split up.
So I guess I don't have much to actually blog about today, and not even really any good photos to post - but I can leave you with my 'ponderance of the day' -  Why do OLDER drivers, (age 70 and UP) NOT GO ON A GREEN ARROW?  I encountered this situation TWICE on my way to the shop today.  TWICE.  Laid on the horn.  Nothin'.  But if they are as deaf as they are blind, then, well.....
So if you have any input as to why they can't seem to follow simple signs and instructions, I'd like to be enlightened.  Until then, I will simply be frustrated and pondering....

Monday, January 4, 2010

Typical Monday...not

First of all - it's snowing buckets.  Yuck.  So that takes care of my mid-morning trek to get my sales check for December.  Since my hubby has to go and cash HIS check later, I'll let him chauffer me to get it in the 4X4.    Bills and rent must be paid today, though - so make the trek we will....
Second of all - it's hubby's turn to have computer virus issues.  Now I'm REALLY glad that my laptop is wireless, with my own printer, so that I can be completely independent of him.  The Computer Geek is coming to get the hard drive this morning - and who knows how long he'll be without it.  Then I'll be constantly kicking him off my laptop because he'll still need to check email, and of course, play his games.
So instead of my usual Monday morning errands  -  I'm doing my daily blog instead.  But at least one thing came of this snowy, yucky, messy Monday morning - my kitchen has been scrubbed and polished from floor to as far as I can reach (not quite the ceiling.).  That is kind of good feeling....

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Our family get together yesterday was nice - the kids were all well behaved, and LOVED their gifties.  Always too much food, and lots of laughs. It was nice to have a quiet, covered space to retreat to for a few minutes, and take in the beauty outside.   Lake effect snow fell all afternoon, but luckily only made the roads slick for about 10 minutes of the return 2 hour trip.  Sometimes it pays to live in the center of the state....
This has been a busy day. Taking down the tree, removing the last of the Christmas touches from here and there and everywhere around the house. I'll probably still find a little bear here or an ornament tucked there for a few weeks - I can never remember where I put them. Some of the Christmas ornaments - being beaded, sparkly, crystal and irridescent white - get left out all year long, hanging from the leaves of the ivy along the plate rail in the dining room, amongst the suns, the moons, and and the stars....  
Back to blog tomorrow...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2

I'm blogging now just so I can keep my 'blog a day' promise.  However, since we're off for a wonderful day with my husbands family AGAIN, all the way across the state (2 1/2 hour drive ONE WAY) I may have more to 'blog' (aka complain) about later. 
And - great way to start the new year - my husbands desktop computer is now infected with the same lovely virus that MY laptop had back in October.  Only his has lots more on it, and is older - so it may not be repairable.  We won't be able to do much about it today - or tomorrow for that matter.  We'll find out on Monday what if anything can be done.  But we definitely don't have the cash for a new system....
Finally.  A call from our niece letting us know WHO she chose to ride with to that family occasion.  Just an hour before we need to be out the door.  When will the 'youngins' start being more responsible about those things?  She's 23 with a kid of her own!  You would think she would have just a little more respect for her elders.... Can ya tell that THAT subject has been bothering me lately?  Crazy kid....
So to blog or not to blog later today - that is the question.  Guess you'll just have to wait and see....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Marguaritas With Lime

The top photo shows the color detail much better - but here she is.  I surprise myself yet again by creating something even better than I had thought it would be.  I will be wearing this to a family gathering tomorrow, and then I MAY put this one for sale.  Especially since I've been selling several of my art pieces lately.  Or maybe THIS will be the piece we put on EBay in our attempt to get some interest there.  Hmmm.  Much to ponder on this first day of 2010.  For those of you beady friends that are wondering - this piece is comprised of Yellow Turquoise cabs for the focal and the clasp (seen in bottom photo).  There is also yellow turquoise interspersed throughout the netting, along with Labradorite, Freshwater and glass pearls.  I love the BIG silver chunky glass pearls.  Picture them as the salt around the rim!  Anyway - enjoy.  It's making me want the real thing right about now.  Guess I'll stick with my Traverse City Cherry latte instead....
TTFN goes

Happy 2010 everybody!  Whew!  I don't think anybody is gonna call 'do overs' on last year.  Let's just move on and manifest a GREAT year health, happiness and prosperity-wise.
As I have written previously, 2010 is 'a blog a day' year for me.  So here I am, at 7:50AM on 1/1/2010 writing my first day's blog.  And some days - there may be more than one.  I am going to really try hard to at least blog a little bit every day.  I find that I like it.  It's much easier than 'journaling' long hand, although I love to sit and write too.  But that takes away too much bead time!  And I'm having so much fun with that.  It's become so rewarding to have that little bead shop of mine.  I've outlasted 5 bead shops in the area - there are just 3 others left.  I had so many new customers in the last few weeks, all unexpectedly but happily surprised at my selection and my knowledge.  Thank you.  And the more beaders that find me, the more profitable it becomes!   I received an email this morning from the gals at LRSH (Little Red Schoolhouse) that I was the 6th highest seller of the YEAR!   whooohoooo!!!!!  And 2010 is going to be soooo much better.  I can feel it.  (for those of you that don't know, my bead shop is inside a craft and antiques mall). 
And by the way, I will be blogging again later today - because I need to post the finished photos of "Marguaritas with Lime".  Done.  And it matches my lime velour top perfectly.  Kinda proud of this one.  Will I keep it or sell it? later!