Thursday, January 14, 2010

An old piece renewed

I've got lots of photos to take and post, but until then, here's a photo of "Aqua Goddess".  This piece has been around for several years, and is one of my first "Face of the Goddess" series pieces.  As she sat in the case, or went on the road to shows, her silver accents were exposed to grimy air, and consequently turned BLACK.  She's been put away in a bag for awhile, because I was deciding about redesigning or even a complete start over from scratch.  Then I received a miracle in a spray order received from a wholesale vendor included a free sample of some SPRAY ON silver cleaner.  This small spray nozzle allowed for a small concentration of silver cleaner to go right to the silver itself, and not on all the other beads too, like dipping it would have had to do.  WOW!  It looks like a brand new piece.  I may still redesign the necklace part, as it's in need of a fresh design, but the silver surrounding the face and actually sewn in to the fringes looks amazing!  I will definitely be getting some of this wonderful spray on cleaner the next time I order from that vendor!
Much more to post - "Singing the Blues" is now finished, as well as my logo pendant, and that photo of the great vintage butterfly that's in need of beading....

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