Friday, January 1, 2010 goes

Happy 2010 everybody!  Whew!  I don't think anybody is gonna call 'do overs' on last year.  Let's just move on and manifest a GREAT year health, happiness and prosperity-wise.
As I have written previously, 2010 is 'a blog a day' year for me.  So here I am, at 7:50AM on 1/1/2010 writing my first day's blog.  And some days - there may be more than one.  I am going to really try hard to at least blog a little bit every day.  I find that I like it.  It's much easier than 'journaling' long hand, although I love to sit and write too.  But that takes away too much bead time!  And I'm having so much fun with that.  It's become so rewarding to have that little bead shop of mine.  I've outlasted 5 bead shops in the area - there are just 3 others left.  I had so many new customers in the last few weeks, all unexpectedly but happily surprised at my selection and my knowledge.  Thank you.  And the more beaders that find me, the more profitable it becomes!   I received an email this morning from the gals at LRSH (Little Red Schoolhouse) that I was the 6th highest seller of the YEAR!   whooohoooo!!!!!  And 2010 is going to be soooo much better.  I can feel it.  (for those of you that don't know, my bead shop is inside a craft and antiques mall). 
And by the way, I will be blogging again later today - because I need to post the finished photos of "Marguaritas with Lime".  Done.  And it matches my lime velour top perfectly.  Kinda proud of this one.  Will I keep it or sell it? later!

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