Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Count down begins...

Only 26(ish) more hours, at least in MY time zone.  Then it's go time!  I'll be subjecting you to babbling on a daily basis.  I hope it's all at least somewhat interesting to SOMEONE besides me. 
I had an interesting visitor in my shop today.  An older gentleman (retired PLUS) who had been in over the summer, that saw the beads as something to use to build his fishing lures.  We began a conversation then about my husbands favorite fishing holes in the area.   Well.  He came BACK today, and PAID ME (too funny) to draw him a map of the most popular one, and where the 'hidey holes' were that we enjoyed fishing from.  I accepted his few dollars, and chuckled.  But it gets BETTER.   As I'm having a short conversation with another customer about my previous work as manager of the local new age bookstore, the man's wife came along, and overheard the conversation.  Come to find out - SHE was a regular customer and TEACHER at that same store just a few years before I came along.  I had heard her name mentioned many times in the past, and we have many friends in common still in the area.  I can't WAIT to tell Carole and Kathy how small this world really is.   I KNEW I liked that man. 
I also had a chance to 'touch base' with Dee from Polka Dots, one of the 3 other remaining bead shops in the area.  They specialize mainly in lampwork beads, swarovski and accents, and having 'on the spot' parties for bracelet making.  They are so nice - and have no problem sending me customers when they don't have the right thing.  And vice versa.  I send people to them too.  They don't carry the seed beads, and the semi precious stock that I do.  So Dee and I put our heads together (she shops at MY store too!) and are going to talk to her boss about doing a collaboration class - they help the student create a lampwork bracelet, and then I show them how to EMBELLISH it with seed beads and accent beads.  How fun. 
So I had a pretty great day.  Hope you all did too!  Happy almost NEW YEAR!

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