Saturday, December 5, 2009

A little 'Night Music' please....

It's finished.  It's LONG.  But it's not too heavy.  And I don't have pictures to post of it yet.  I'm going to wear it today, because I'm teaching a class that involved fringing, so I think they will appreciate the work and artistry that is involved in this piece.  Again - I am proud of my accomplishment, and believe it came out even better than I would have hoped.  I have planned to keep it for myself - but I suppose if someone were to offer me JUST the right price....
And speaking of which - that's what I've started doing with some of my display items in the shop lately, too.  In a conversation with my Thursday morning Happiness group, we decided that putting a high monetary value on items that I value highly, and don't necessarily want to part with, is a more positive, prosperous way than telling people, 'sorry that's not for sale'.  So I've placed $500, $200 and $100 price tags on many of my Amethyst and Selenite pieces that I use to display my work on.  I suppose if they want to pay that much - I could probably part with them.  (In my market - I don't think they'll want to pay that much for A ROCK).
So I'm off for a wonderful day of embellishing spirals - and lots of customers, too.

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