Saturday, December 19, 2009

Creating by accident

This is what happens when two so-so designed pieces of jewelry are relegated to the 'take-apart' box.
Only these ended up on top of each other, and VOILA!  "Mardi-Gras-dess" was born.  I've had the porcelain face (by artist Laura Mears) in my collection for several years, and she's taken on at least two other manifestions before this - I believe - final one.  I LOVE how this turned out.  I had planned to add another circle to the bottom of the first - but then decided she was perfect just the way she was.  I have decided to try to part with this one, and have her for sale at the shop. 
And speaking of selling - I am thinking of taking on a few new ventures after the first of the year.  The first being trying a few of my art pieces on EBay.  Although I know (and don't want to know) nothing about selling on EBay, the owner of this little antique store where my shop landed is a whiz at it - and has offered to do all the work for me - for a very small part of the profit (yes, she does love me!).  And, I am again considering opening an Etsy shop.  I know that Etsy is inUNdated with jewelry vendors - but I feel I'm unique enough to stand out in the crowd.  This is still in the 'mulling it over' process.  I need the planets to all be aligned properly before I make a decision!  :0)
Hoping to have a wonderful last Saturday before Christmas sales day today!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!
Cool Moon Creations & Beads
Lansing, Michigan

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

What a fun piece! And I say go for it (on ebay and etsy!).