Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not so Happy Halloween

We almost lost our baby boy tonight. I am deeply disappointed and scared to death that we have someone so cruel and evil living in our township. We have a gate on the sideyard of our house that leads to the front yard and road (a busy four lane main road). That gate has a safety latch, a regular latch and a 'faux' padlock - in other words, at first glance, it appears that the gate is LOCKED. And even if by some chance the padlock ruse is revealed, and the gate latch is opened, the safety latch MUST be lifted AT THE SAME TIME to open the gate into the yard. So imagine our surprise when we received a call from a neighbor proclaiming that our dog was "trick or treating" at their house. I've never seen my husband run so fast, or had my heart beat so hard. Luckily, he was safe. Upon arriving, my husband was informed that yet another neighbor, just a few doors down, was also treated to the same horror - their side gate pried open, and their dog let loose into the dangerous night. She also was found safely a few doors away.
My husband inspected our gate - it hadn't been jimmied or pried in any way - but someone definitely figured out the "secret" to opening it, and could potentially continue to do so - not just tonight - but possibly any night they choose. So for now, the gate has been tied shut, and will soon be CHAINED AND PADLOCKED-for real.
I am horrified, appalled and sickened that someone thought that this would be a funny prank.
Both Zeus and Chloe could have been lost, harmed, or even killed by one of the many cars zooming down our "speedway" out front....
They just better hope that I don't find out who they are....

Here are three more....

First is "Island Dreamer", in her completed form. Note the fancy, schmancy "Sunburst" closure. When you're dreaming of the islands - there's got to be sun and sand involved!
Next is Tracy's Light. There's a story behind this one - as I was creating this in the shop, some of the other vendors, including my good friend Tracy, were oohing and aaaahing over the progress. They claim - maybe because of it's 'antiquey-ness' - that it's their favorite. Upon completing it, Tracy tried it on. It was apparent from that moment that it belonged to her. It went beautifully with her coloring and personality. So, since she's hit a bit of a rough patch lately, which has had us burning up phone minutes in the dark of night, I decided it belonged with her, along with the promise that she would 'honor her light', and selected a few positive affirmations for her to repeat each time she wears it. Needless to say everyone was moved....and she was delighted. Mission accomplished.
Lastly, we have Carnivale. This is a pendant that I bought in Florida. I didn't realize til I looked at the photos (not even while working on them this week), that I completed them all with spiral rope! I knew I was addicted to that stitch - but jeez. I promise my next piece, involving leaves and a frog (also from Florida) that I'll 'branch out' a bit....
Oh, and BTW, have a spooktacular Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here they are - as promised....

The newest creations. The first is "Juliet's Garden" The beaded bead is an original design by my friend Sharon Erwine. You can purchase a kit and/or pattern at
The second one, that I am extremely proud of, AND keeping for myself - is "Ebon". This has been MONTHS in the works with several changes along the way. There are a small pair of dangle-y earrings to match. I will try to remember to bring home "Island Dreamer" soon and give her the attention she deserves.
Now my dilemma is - what project to do next? I really need to complete my class instructions and be sure I have all the kits for the ornament class in two weeks - but doing a project is much more fun.....

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I will soon have TONS of new project photos for posting - to my blog, to Facebook, to Photobucket - and anywhere else I can think of! Alas, I have forgotten to bring home "Island Dreamer", but there are others as well - so she will have to wait yet another day.
So happy to see that everyone is busy with teaching, and creative endeavors. I am convinced that creativity helps make the world a happier place....
So keep checkin' back - I hope to have those photos done today IF I can pry the camera away from my once again appraisal busy hubby. The housing market is suddenly breaking away around here - I think people are taking advantage of the dirt cheap prices. Too bad so many people had to lose their homes to get them there....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All is (almost) right with the world....

Home from a tiring and somewhat disappointing birthday vacation. It was tiring and none too warm. You can forget about seeing tan lines. It was probably about the same temperature and weather down there for most of the time that it was here. Lowest temps they've had on record. Lovely. My husband - already hating Florida anyway - was NOT thrilled. I hear it's almost 90 down there today. Hmph.

The trip home didn't do much for my back either. I think I injured it slightly about a month ago in a spill at my FIL's. Then the walking, combined by the 16 plus hours of riding on the way home (drove straight through) has me feeling it today. Very sore. Very stiff. Very uncomfortable. Yippee.

My laptop is home and working properly. Internet security doing it's job - cross your fingers. Dog home from kennel - hungry. But home. I don't think he ate much while he was there. He is very thin. Definitely lost weight. We're going to feed him an extra time each day to try to put it back on. Seems ok otherwise. I think he is a little P.O.'d with us for leaving him for a week. I'm a little P.O.'d at having to leave him. But what can you do?

BUT - on a happy note - I got some great beads and a SUPER COOL pendant down in Florida -and can't wait to start working on yet another new project at the shop tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What a week! I fully intend to upload a photo of the completed "Island Dreamer" when I can - but I must digress and tell you about my week! My laptop has been a lifeline of sorts for me - I use it CONSTANTLY, even taking it with me to the shop, where I have WiFi access. On Sunday, I attempted to download some recipes from one of my favorite recipe sites. That site infected my computer with a serious virus that was not detected or fixable by my anti virus software. SO. My laptop (my baby, my life's breath) is being disinfected by professionals - to the tune of $80 to start with. That's vacation money, by the way. AND I may or may NOT have it back in time to take with me to Florida. To top it off - this old desktop of my husband's is ANCIENT, sllllloooooowwwww, and has problems of it's own that took a few days to fix due to a power surge in the area on Friday. I am finally able today(Wednesday) to access my email, my Facebook, and my blog. I feel much better now - but still incomplete without my laptop. At least this is something. So. If you don't see a post from me again for awhile, you'll know 1. I still don't have my laptop and 2. I had to go on vacation and leave my baby alone with the strangers at the repair shop. THEN - the credit union gave me a really hard time about depositing and using a check yesterday that still has my blood boiling. All I'll say is that it's really too bad that all these banks and credit unions are all in it for themselves now -- they don't 'guarantee funds', and are suspicious of every attempt by members to use their own hard earned money. Looking for a better credit union upon return from vacay - although until lately our current one has been great for over 20 years. Such are the times, I suppose, but I don't take kindly to being treated like a criminal with my OWN MONEY!
Ok. Stop stressing. I'd kill for a latte', but today is MOM day, and mom sort of frowns on those. So hopefully my ice tea will be extra loaded with caffeine today.
Babbling complete.....hope to have that photo for you soon. Wait until you see the clasp (think Laura McCabe.....)