Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here are three more....

First is "Island Dreamer", in her completed form. Note the fancy, schmancy "Sunburst" closure. When you're dreaming of the islands - there's got to be sun and sand involved!
Next is Tracy's Light. There's a story behind this one - as I was creating this in the shop, some of the other vendors, including my good friend Tracy, were oohing and aaaahing over the progress. They claim - maybe because of it's 'antiquey-ness' - that it's their favorite. Upon completing it, Tracy tried it on. It was apparent from that moment that it belonged to her. It went beautifully with her coloring and personality. So, since she's hit a bit of a rough patch lately, which has had us burning up phone minutes in the dark of night, I decided it belonged with her, along with the promise that she would 'honor her light', and selected a few positive affirmations for her to repeat each time she wears it. Needless to say everyone was moved....and she was delighted. Mission accomplished.
Lastly, we have Carnivale. This is a pendant that I bought in Florida. I didn't realize til I looked at the photos (not even while working on them this week), that I completed them all with spiral rope! I knew I was addicted to that stitch - but jeez. I promise my next piece, involving leaves and a frog (also from Florida) that I'll 'branch out' a bit....
Oh, and BTW, have a spooktacular Halloween! Trick or Treat!

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