Wednesday, October 7, 2009


What a week! I fully intend to upload a photo of the completed "Island Dreamer" when I can - but I must digress and tell you about my week! My laptop has been a lifeline of sorts for me - I use it CONSTANTLY, even taking it with me to the shop, where I have WiFi access. On Sunday, I attempted to download some recipes from one of my favorite recipe sites. That site infected my computer with a serious virus that was not detected or fixable by my anti virus software. SO. My laptop (my baby, my life's breath) is being disinfected by professionals - to the tune of $80 to start with. That's vacation money, by the way. AND I may or may NOT have it back in time to take with me to Florida. To top it off - this old desktop of my husband's is ANCIENT, sllllloooooowwwww, and has problems of it's own that took a few days to fix due to a power surge in the area on Friday. I am finally able today(Wednesday) to access my email, my Facebook, and my blog. I feel much better now - but still incomplete without my laptop. At least this is something. So. If you don't see a post from me again for awhile, you'll know 1. I still don't have my laptop and 2. I had to go on vacation and leave my baby alone with the strangers at the repair shop. THEN - the credit union gave me a really hard time about depositing and using a check yesterday that still has my blood boiling. All I'll say is that it's really too bad that all these banks and credit unions are all in it for themselves now -- they don't 'guarantee funds', and are suspicious of every attempt by members to use their own hard earned money. Looking for a better credit union upon return from vacay - although until lately our current one has been great for over 20 years. Such are the times, I suppose, but I don't take kindly to being treated like a criminal with my OWN MONEY!
Ok. Stop stressing. I'd kill for a latte', but today is MOM day, and mom sort of frowns on those. So hopefully my ice tea will be extra loaded with caffeine today.
Babbling complete.....hope to have that photo for you soon. Wait until you see the clasp (think Laura McCabe.....)

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