Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not so Happy Halloween

We almost lost our baby boy tonight. I am deeply disappointed and scared to death that we have someone so cruel and evil living in our township. We have a gate on the sideyard of our house that leads to the front yard and road (a busy four lane main road). That gate has a safety latch, a regular latch and a 'faux' padlock - in other words, at first glance, it appears that the gate is LOCKED. And even if by some chance the padlock ruse is revealed, and the gate latch is opened, the safety latch MUST be lifted AT THE SAME TIME to open the gate into the yard. So imagine our surprise when we received a call from a neighbor proclaiming that our dog was "trick or treating" at their house. I've never seen my husband run so fast, or had my heart beat so hard. Luckily, he was safe. Upon arriving, my husband was informed that yet another neighbor, just a few doors down, was also treated to the same horror - their side gate pried open, and their dog let loose into the dangerous night. She also was found safely a few doors away.
My husband inspected our gate - it hadn't been jimmied or pried in any way - but someone definitely figured out the "secret" to opening it, and could potentially continue to do so - not just tonight - but possibly any night they choose. So for now, the gate has been tied shut, and will soon be CHAINED AND PADLOCKED-for real.
I am horrified, appalled and sickened that someone thought that this would be a funny prank.
Both Zeus and Chloe could have been lost, harmed, or even killed by one of the many cars zooming down our "speedway" out front....
They just better hope that I don't find out who they are....

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Jean said...

How awful for you. There are some sick people about. We only have a simple latch on our front gate to keep Lulu in but now you've got me thinking.
Glad there was a happy ending.