Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All is (almost) right with the world....

Home from a tiring and somewhat disappointing birthday vacation. It was tiring and none too warm. You can forget about seeing tan lines. It was probably about the same temperature and weather down there for most of the time that it was here. Lowest temps they've had on record. Lovely. My husband - already hating Florida anyway - was NOT thrilled. I hear it's almost 90 down there today. Hmph.

The trip home didn't do much for my back either. I think I injured it slightly about a month ago in a spill at my FIL's. Then the walking, combined by the 16 plus hours of riding on the way home (drove straight through) has me feeling it today. Very sore. Very stiff. Very uncomfortable. Yippee.

My laptop is home and working properly. Internet security doing it's job - cross your fingers. Dog home from kennel - hungry. But home. I don't think he ate much while he was there. He is very thin. Definitely lost weight. We're going to feed him an extra time each day to try to put it back on. Seems ok otherwise. I think he is a little P.O.'d with us for leaving him for a week. I'm a little P.O.'d at having to leave him. But what can you do?

BUT - on a happy note - I got some great beads and a SUPER COOL pendant down in Florida -and can't wait to start working on yet another new project at the shop tomorrow.

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