Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nobody blogs like Kate

I am in awe of Kate McKinnon's blogs.  Always has something quirky, interesting, fun or downright exasperating to blog about.  I feel her happiness, pain, gladness, joy, or whatever else she might be feeling that day - sometimes more than once. 
I've been thinking about my New Year attempt to blog 365.  So I've been paying attention to what's been going on around me while at the shop.  And I'm thinkin' - it's not going to be that difficult.  There are some crazy, shall I say EXCENTRIC people that come through that antique mall every day.  Many people confuse them (and even ME, unfortunately) with being a Flea Market - which we aren't on a full time basis.  Only one weekend a month in the summer - IN THE PARKING LOT.  Actually, most of the other vendors, along with the antique dealers - are high end.  We don't allow alot of 'flea market' type junk, and all of the craft vendors MUST be juried.  But still, some people think they can come in and talk us down from $3.00 on a bag of beads to $2.50.  Like $3.00 was a frikkin' fortune.  Please. 
So anyway, I hope it's ok with Kate that I've included the link to her blog here in my blog - she's very passionate about her metal clay, her beads and her life - check it out.

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