Friday, November 20, 2009

Class conundrum

If there's anybody out there that actually reads this blog, that has any class teaching experience - then this is a shout out to you:   I need help.  I love teaching beading classes, and people ask me "do you teach?" on a regular basis.  However - how do I actually get them to sign up?  I've got two classes on the calendar right now that several people have asked (no, BEGGED) me for.  One of them is tomorrow - no takers.  One of them is in two weeks - the 5th of December.  I contacted the ladies that asked about that one - nope, they're not signing up 'right now' either.  So what the?   WHY ask if you teach classes, BEG the instructor to find the time to put together a kit complete with instructions, beads, and whatever else that is needed, and then NOT take the class that you asked for?  It takes A LOT of work to put that all together.  And if I go ahead and sell them as kits with instructions in the shop, do I charge more - or less?  I am getting very frustrated with this particular part of the bead biz - but hate to not give them the option.  I'm also thinking of offering ONLY one on one sessions instead of an actual CLASS.  So HELP.  What is your take? 

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