Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hustle and bustle...

Well, I made quite a dent in adding the fringe to my "Night Music" piece yesterday, but alas, the holiday season will have me putting it away for now.  I realized as I was beading yesterday, that I have some regular customers that will be looking for some specific types of jewelry that I seem to be short on right now - so today and tomorrow will be used to create new and redesign some of the older pieces of simple but classy semi precious pieces.  I also have some ideas for some earrings to make.  I have TONS of earrings in stock - but I find myself with ideas for more - and since they're quite 'Christmas-y' I better get crackin'.
Still on the hunt for the perfect project/class table to take the place of the display case I sold.  I'd like to have it in place before next weeks embellished spiral class - but since I'm past the mid-month stage, I'm also getting low on cash.  Especially since my hubby's daily travels back and forth to the woods have sucked his gas tank and wallet dry - and now he's raiding mine!    So I guess I'm paying for that venison after all!  :0)

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