Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photo postponement

I had hoped to post some photos of some cool stuff with this blog - but the camera was not available when I needed it.  So maybe in the morning - or tomorrow evening.  In any case - tomorrow's posting should include some new creations.
Boy, Mercury Retrograde sure is kicking my butt this time around.  CLASSIC stuff happening, that's for sure.  The EBay thing - Mercury Retrograde.  Changing schedule.  Mercury.  Camera.  You guessed it.  And now for the latest - I have to return Tracy's birthday gift because she already went out and bought it for herself.  Brat.  So back I go to get her the first thing I had in mind.  Classic. 
Not feeling like cooking tonight either - which is either Mercury Retrograde, or just plain laziness, I haven't decided which.  I'm volleying back and forth between Jade Garden (chinese takeout 2 blocks away), or Sammy's Lounge - sports bar around the corner.  Either way, even though they are close to home, it means putting on shoes and coats and going back out into the frozen north again. 
Toodles - off to get the noodles.....:0)

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