Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of Buddhas and butterflies....

Just spent a quiet Sunday morning compiling a bead order.  It's so fun!  Granted - the final PRICE isn't so fun, but the joy of new beads and the gratitude of my customers for carrying items that the other guys do not is PRICELESS.   That's why it was so fun to be the buyer for the new age bookstore for awhile.  We would go to wholesale shows like G&LW, I would choose all the lovely stones, jewelry and other imports, as well as a few beads for myself - and then send the OWNER in to pay.  NOW THAT'S SHOPPING!   I still enjoy it....even if I'm the one doing the paying now.   I just have to spread it out a little more.....
Not much else to blog about today - and it's going to be a busy one.  TWO birthday parties - one for a 6 year old (they grow up so fast), and one for my BFF Tracy.  One oclock and 6 oclock.  Lunch, cake, dinner, drinks and probably more cake.  YIPPEE!

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