Monday, January 25, 2010

Ooops - I knew that would happen

I missed one.  I didn't blog yesterday.  Between cooking and creating - just didn't have the time.  Or have much to say.  Although - if I keep coming up with all of these great recipes to try, I may have to start sharing those on a blog too.     

So anyway - here is the photo of 'Break of Dawn'.  Cool, huh?  I love working with the faces.  They just seem to 'talk' to me while I work on them.  And I've rarely been disappointed with the way they tell me to bead them.  Can't wait to put this one out at the shop - it's for sale for $60.00.
Off for another fun day of errands.  Need to go weather check my parents summer home down in Mason.  I don't think we've even checked it since they left in October.  I'm sure if there was anything MAJOR - their park super would tell them - but we just want to check for leaks, and make sure all is secure.  Then off to the other side of the city for some other errands - so go, go, go.  AND - it's starting to snow.  Lovely.
Hope to find the time to blog again much for blogging 365.  At least it's close...

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