Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New plan

Ok, so maybe 365 was a bit of a stretch.  Like my husband said yesterday - "WHAT?  It hasn't even been 30 days, and ya messed it up already."   Yes. I. did.  So - the new plan - is to just blog when I want to blog - maybe every day - maybe skipping a day (or two. or five).  I DO have a life, but some days - it feels as though I have a lack of one.  Just not much to report from day to day. 
I DO have a teaser to leave you with for today, however - I am in the beginning stages of a piece called "Kings Ransom".  It has morphed from being hodge podge and lopsided into something very wonderful, and I am still thinking about ways to embellish the neck strap to complete it.  The focal piece is Purple Magnesite.  The Swarovski's I'm using are Colorado Light Topaz 2XAB.  I may need to stop and order more of those to complete it in the regal way in which I believe may be intended.  I THOUGHT I had a photo of the beginning stages - but I guess you'll just have to imagine it.  The final photo will be here as soon as it's complete....

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Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

I've been away for so long - I didn't know you were reaching for such an ambitious goal! Good luck! But hope you don't feel down if you miss days - just aiming to write most days is an amazing goal.