Thursday, January 7, 2010

White Thursday

Snow.  Snow.  Snow. Snow. Snow. 
It sounds pretty when it's sung in "White Christmas", and it looks pretty when it's clinging to the trees.  But what's NOT so pretty is driving in it.  Even in 4 wheel drive.  I've hated it since I started driving at 16.
So stressful.   So I packed up about 5 bead projects, made my way through the snowy tundra (a 20 minute trip took over 50) and will be playing here at home - maybe even for the whole day tomorrow.  It's not supposed to stop until there's about 6 inches.  Yick.
But I did make a couple revelations today - I can access the internet from my new PHONE!  I had no idea that even though it showed me the icon for it, I was able to actually use it with my prepaid basic model.  AND - I'm supposed to be able to email myself pictures that I take, but have yet to figure that one out.  I was also informed by a friend WHY EBay kicked me out.  Because too many foriegn sellers were disguising IVORY as bone to get it through.  Ruined it for those of us that using the legitimate domestic harmless bone - although they claimed it was wrong for me to use that form, too.  Whatever. 
Today being Thursday, it was also Coyote day!  I LOVE my group that I meet with on Thursdays there, and since our last two weeks included holidays, we haven't seen each other in awhile.  So nice to get together with them again.  Get that positive, thought provoking conversation going again.
So I guess now that I've done my blog for the day, I'll go bead!  Bead, bead, bead, bead, BEAD!

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