Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Somebody stop me!

Artbeads sent me a 20% off coupon.  How nice of them.  And it was burning a hole in my email pocket.  So, having been internet window shopping just last night, I had to do it.   When I window shop - I tend to look on the pricier pages - wishing and hoping and oohing and aaahing.  This time, one pendant in particular caught my eye - a large bronze pendant from Artbeads bearing the quote 'The Heart has reasons that reason does not know".  For some reason that just made my heart skip a beat, and resonated with me on so many levels.   At the regular price of a whopping $39.99, however - I didn't really consider it an option.  But Artbeads is sneaky.  They sent me that coupon, and having thought about that pendant all night long - I could no longer resist.  So I broke down.  I did it.  It, along with some fun Swarovski butterfly, moon and cosmic pendants are winging their way to me.  This heart new what it wanted - it was that pendant!  So many projects - so little time.  I am already picturing it with bronze chain, and some chunky semi precious stones.  I haven't decided on color yet - since it will definitely be MINE - I want to wait and see how it feels in my hand first.
It's going to be a great Wednesday - especially since the sun is shining!

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