Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prosperous year!

In books at least.   I've won another blog contest - and once again - a book!  I won 'A Bead in Time' by Lisa Crone of ABeadADay.  YAY!  I loved the bugle bead book I won from Lorelei Eurto, and have some ideas floating around in my head, and of course, a reason to order more beads.  And it's funny (ironic? weird? KARMIC?) how these things tend to happen in patterns - I have a customer that loves to bead - but only in January.  She's 91.  Spry. Alert. Healthier than I am probably.  Still DRIVES! (eek!) She's a dancer.  Goes dancing every weekend in the summer.  And she's been coming to me to help her find the VINTAGE beads to fix her 'dancing jewelry'.  It's been quite the challenge - with the latest one being some vintage BUGLES in a white opaque.  I'm not sure I can come through for her - I'm sure they are from way, way, WAY back when.  So I'm trying to come up with a way to help her redesign and replace some of the pieces in her beloved dancing jewels.  I'm sure they hold many memories for her, and she is reluctant to change them for the most part.  At 91, I suppose she has the right to want what she wants....
Sales tax form day.  Not so yay.  But needs to be done.  I've got the cash - I just hate to part with it when there's bead buying to be done!

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