Thursday, January 28, 2010

UhOh Moment

Everyone has them.  One of those out of the blue UHOH's.  Mine was at about 2am.  Woke up out of a sound sleep and realized that I had copied but not MIRRORED the second strap side for "King's Ransom", and that all the embellishment and work I did yesterday is BACKWARDS!  So today will be frog day - rippin' it out!
Dang.  I hate frog days.
Downright cold here in the frozen North.  Only 18 degrees DAYTIME temps today, and the wind is just whippin'.  So there's a wind chill factor.  I noticed that many of the schools are either closed (mostly rural), or are on a delay.  I know I wouldn't want to be standing at a bus stop in this weather.  It's bad enough I'm going to have to stop and pump gas. 
So I guess I better stop grumbling and get on with it.  At least there's one good thing, well two - the SUN is shining and it's COYOTE DAY!  That group always makes everything better.  And it's a south facing classroom with big radiators.  So with the sun shining in and the heat cranked up -  we will be warm AND happy.  Yay.
Hope to have King's Ransom completed by the weekend.  Hopefully no more setbacks or frog days....jeesh.

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