Friday, January 8, 2010

Sniffle sniffle

Just when I thought I was lucky enough to stay clear of the germs that are constant at the Schoolhouse - they got me.  Sniffle. Sniffle.  Cough. Cough.  Not too bad, though - but enough so that I'm staying home today.  Between the weather and the germs, I don't think they will be surprised.  I was surprised, however, at how many people were out and about during the snowfall yesterday.  I even had a few bead customers.  In a snowstorm.  We DO love our beads, don't we? 
I brought home way lots of projects, and have no idea what to do next - so maybe some photos later.  I will definitely have a photo of my new little logo pendant.  We recently added a vendor at the Schoolhouse that takes photographs, clipart, or whatever, manipulates them to a certain size, and resins them along with a necklace bail onto a clear square tile.  So it's like a little photo on a chain. And I had her do my moon logo, & I'm going to do a fancy necklace for it (cuz I don't DO plain).   She actually did two of them, and I initially turned one into a keychain, but I just had a thought as I am writing this, that I should probably do a fancy necklace for the second one too, and have it displayed at the shop.  That would possibly bring in customers for BOTH OF US.    BRILLIANT!
On an unrelated, but still rather cool note - I just discovered yesterday that I am able to access the web from my new cellphone!  I knew it had the icon for it, but since I'm doing prepaid minutes, I didn't think it would work with the basic level of service.  Not sure how often I'll use it - but I accessed this blogsite from it - so I know it works!  Not sure I could write in my blog from my phone, though.  My texting is worse than hunt and peck typing.  I think teenagers were given the texting ability instead of common sense....

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