Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Carnivale time

This is one of my favorite simple pieces that I did just upon returning from Florida.  And I sold it this weekend.  YAY me!  But alas....there is more to the story....
I received a note that my husband's aunt and a friend had been shopping in my space, and OOOPS, they broke a bracelet.  Only, funny thing - the bracelet wasn't one of mine.  So I got to play sleuth for a few days, and finally, put it all together (except for the bracelet itself) yesterday.
There is another beader who slyly chose to put her sparkly, somewhat gaudy, and not very well made jewelry items just  katty corner from my space in the craft mall.  I say slyly, because she was assuming at the time that people would eventually, if not routinely, mistake her items for mine, and purchase them more readily.  Unfortunately for ME - it works for her.  The mystery of the broken bracelet was solved by discovering a matching necklace in HER booth.  Apparently Aunt Nancy and her friend 'assumed' that the jewelry across the way was also mine, and purchased several items from IT, along with the Carnivale piece of mine.  She was quite disappointed to hear that this had happened, as her friend is already on her way back to parts unknown.  Oh well.  It's not like the booths aren't marked with our names, but people that don't understand the concept of each space being a different vendor don't really pay attention to that.  I left the broken bracelet at the front counter to be passed along to the other beader.  Not quite sure how to overcome this sales obstacle without being present from 10am to 8pm EVERY SINGLE DAY.   
Anyway --- getting the blog thing out of the way really early today.  Not quite sure what the day will bring (is anyone really ever?) but the PLAN is to do my monthly inventory, make up a Birthstone sample poster, and do some EBay investigation.  NO actual beading in the plan for the second day in a row.  I can't stay away too long....too many ideas rattling around my brain.
TTFN - and Happy Beading!

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