Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Almost missed it already

Shew.  Time flies.  Managed to get my display cases 'de-christmased', and do a little straightening at the shop.  Before I know it, it's 4:30 - and then was paid a visit by my favorite GREAT nephew - CALVIN!  What a busy 2 year old.  It was nice to visit with Steph and Kim, too.  Miss her lots since she and my brother split up.
So I guess I don't have much to actually blog about today, and not even really any good photos to post - but I can leave you with my 'ponderance of the day' -  Why do OLDER drivers, (age 70 and UP) NOT GO ON A GREEN ARROW?  I encountered this situation TWICE on my way to the shop today.  TWICE.  Laid on the horn.  Nothin'.  But if they are as deaf as they are blind, then, well.....
So if you have any input as to why they can't seem to follow simple signs and instructions, I'd like to be enlightened.  Until then, I will simply be frustrated and pondering....

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