Monday, January 4, 2010

Typical Monday...not

First of all - it's snowing buckets.  Yuck.  So that takes care of my mid-morning trek to get my sales check for December.  Since my hubby has to go and cash HIS check later, I'll let him chauffer me to get it in the 4X4.    Bills and rent must be paid today, though - so make the trek we will....
Second of all - it's hubby's turn to have computer virus issues.  Now I'm REALLY glad that my laptop is wireless, with my own printer, so that I can be completely independent of him.  The Computer Geek is coming to get the hard drive this morning - and who knows how long he'll be without it.  Then I'll be constantly kicking him off my laptop because he'll still need to check email, and of course, play his games.
So instead of my usual Monday morning errands  -  I'm doing my daily blog instead.  But at least one thing came of this snowy, yucky, messy Monday morning - my kitchen has been scrubbed and polished from floor to as far as I can reach (not quite the ceiling.).  That is kind of good feeling....

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