Friday, January 15, 2010


Here are my latest treasures....the top left is "Singing the Blues" - a blue agate cab, surrounded with peyote and embellished RAW, edged with a matte magatama.  I also used Kyanite and Blue Goldstone in the strap, along with creating some cute embellished RAW tubes.  More time consuming than plain peyote - but WOW!  Love this - it's for sale at the shop - $75.00
The center is the 'before' photo of the cool vintage butterfly necklace I found at The Schoolhouse.  Those little details in the wings are all filigree - begging, no SCREAMING - to be beaded.  This may be a project for later down the line - but thought it was cute, and the price was right (free! because of a gift certificate). 
Lastly, we have Cool Moon - my logo resined onto a clear glass tile.
These are created by my friend Jessica.  She does a great job - she can pretty much do any photo you wish - check out her Etsy site - GlassyChicShop.
I decided to do 'plain' on this piece after all, because of the simpleness of the logo pendant.  I've already worn it, and love it. 
That's all for now.  Off for a busy day of checking in NEW BEADS!  All 12 months of Swarovski bicones for the Birthstones, as well as some other fun things too.

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