Friday, January 1, 2010

Marguaritas With Lime

The top photo shows the color detail much better - but here she is.  I surprise myself yet again by creating something even better than I had thought it would be.  I will be wearing this to a family gathering tomorrow, and then I MAY put this one for sale.  Especially since I've been selling several of my art pieces lately.  Or maybe THIS will be the piece we put on EBay in our attempt to get some interest there.  Hmmm.  Much to ponder on this first day of 2010.  For those of you beady friends that are wondering - this piece is comprised of Yellow Turquoise cabs for the focal and the clasp (seen in bottom photo).  There is also yellow turquoise interspersed throughout the netting, along with Labradorite, Freshwater and glass pearls.  I love the BIG silver chunky glass pearls.  Picture them as the salt around the rim!  Anyway - enjoy.  It's making me want the real thing right about now.  Guess I'll stick with my Traverse City Cherry latte instead....

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