Friday, January 15, 2010

Vintage Bonanza!

I love my friends at The Little Red Schoolhouse.  When they go shopping for antiques and collectibles, they also look for the perfect vintage BEADS for me!  In this case, though, the vintage beads came to US!  Apparently, someone showed up with a truck load of estate items - among them a large, paper grocery bag full of vintage circa 60's and 70's costume jewelry.  None of it really worth much as a whole - BUT - broken down, and sold as beads, wonderful beads - I think I can make something off them.  And the best part - because there were so many other treasures among the items that the dealers bought - the costume jewelry WAS FREE!  I LOVE FREE BEADS! They're so good for the profit margin!   So I spent the better part of my afternoon breaking down vintage strands of lucite, glass, wood and other interesting things.   There will be an entire section (or basket at least) devoted to vintage bits and pieces.    Yay. 
Things are looking up and forward for Cool Moon, that's for sure.  I'll be expanding my space again; I'm going to break down and get an Etsy shop, and may even get a Google website.  I'm passing on doing the EBay thing again for now though, until I see how the other ideas play out.  Didn't like their total disrespect of me as a FIRST TIME lister - they could have been a little more understanding and apologetic about pulling me.  They sent me a survey - and I gave them a piece of my mind....
Nighty night.  Off to continue reading 'The Lovely Bones'.  Don't know why I never read it when it came out almost 10 years ago.  Always meant to.  Now I am.  Not into it enough yet to say I love it - but it's an interesting take on how this author perceives heaven.   I'll let you know my final cheer or jeer when I'm done....

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