Monday, January 18, 2010

I think I need a push

For some reason, I cannot bring myself to get an Etsy shop.  I've gone to the website, checked out all the terms, talked to a few people about their sites (some pro, some con), looked through the listings, and still can't seem to bring myself to make the commitment.  I have always been afraid of the future unknown - and this is definitely a future unknown.  Plus my brain is totally wrapped around another upgrading change at the moment - expanding my shop at The Schoolhouse.  Adding another 'booth' space to my shop, which means removing a wall, rearranging my stock, AND - taking on another $100 in rent every month.  THIS is a big step for me, as I am never sure what I will bring in from one month to the next.  And I keep wondering if having that Etsy shop will bring the extra that I need to keep things going, to still have enough extra to visit that big wholesale show coming in April, to have a little left over to say I'm finally REALLY making a profit.  It's all very scary.  My Thursday morning group, which is all about positive thought and prosperity - all think I should do it, and of course, the girls at The Schoolhouse think I should do it.  Not just because it's a big jump in rent being paid to them, but because it would truly add to the ambiance and flow of the area my shop is in. They feel my excitement, too.   I have big plans involving rugs, and lamps, and furniture, etc. - so it will initially cost me much more.  I don't have just pegboard walls and bags and strings, folks.  I am a designer of ALL things, and that includes my spaces - living and working and playing.
Lots to think about on this Monday, which just happens to be a holiday, which I forgot about, so I've attempted to check the mail AND go to the library.  At least the coffee shop was open....

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