Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whew - almost missed one

Just getting in under the wire!  Had a very busy day, on my feet for most of it, consequently - not really feeling great when I arrived home.  The lower back area of the injury that I sustained about 12 years ago still gets twingey when I'm on my feet alot - so I immediately needed ibuprofen and the heating pad.  It's better now.  AND - it was nice to be served dinner and be waited on by my hubby.  He warmed up last nights pizza left over from the pizzeria.  Still yummy.
Tomorrow I should have a photo of my newest piece.  Somehow, over the last few days between creating new space, and rearranging, and hanging up beads - I still managed to hammer out a new piece.  "Break of Dawn" is another one of my intuitive designs - had NO idea what would happen.  I just chose colors, & a focal piece and started beading.   And it's beautiful....
Hopefully, next week I'll also have a photo of the newest part of Cool Moon -  It's RED!  The previous vendor had painted the space brick red - and I kind of like it.  I'm using part of it for gallery framed pieces, which are nicely lit from above, and part of it for hanging beads.   I've come so far in 3 years.  I'm tickled that I've got a regular customer base, people that keep happily returning again and again.  And a few of those customers are even from out of town - which means they make a special point of visiting me.   NICE.  :0) They have helped make it possible for me to attain the new space - ALMOST the entire center of the Schoolhouse.  I may one day be able to take over the spaces along the west aisle - THEN we'd be talking bead space!  I think I'm going to have to stick with what I've got for now, though.  It's a nice flow of strings and bags, not too crowded, and a little easier now to see everything.  I hope.   Here's to lots of prosperous, beady days in the future.....

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