Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cross with Crosswords

Most of you may not know (or care, but oh well) that my OTHER favorite past time after beading is crossword puzzles.  One of my favorite puzzles to do comes in our local community paper on Sundays.  Or at least it USED to.  About a year ago, the paper was taken over by a different company - and has been going steadily downhill ever since - starting, unfortunately, with MY crossword puzzle.  They either print the same one two weeks in a row (as they did today), or put the wrong grid with the wrong clues, mis number the grid, or don't bother to print the answer box (horrors!).   You would think that with newspaper editing being what it is SUPPOSED to be today - that a crossword puzzle would be a piece of cake. 
So anyway, since I already have a headache, presumable because of this cold that I thought was almost gone, I'm feeling a bit crabby, so finding that I once again was robbed of my puzzle didn't help.  Tried napping.  Still there.  I'm good as long as I'm not moving, but as soon as I stand, turn, bend, or BREATHE - my head throbs.  Nice.
So if by chance you are a reader who is also a beader and a customer at the shop - sorry I've not been around since THURSDAY.  It will be Tuesday before I show my face again, and then I'll be taking another day off later next week to make a road trip to Frankenmuth.  Bead Haven is calling my name - and I now have 2 almost empty tubes of beads being used in a project that I need to replenish that I got there.  I'm hoping that Tracy will accompany me - we need to get her out of town and away from drama for a few hours.   Although I think she thrives on drama.  But that's a blog for another day....

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