Monday, January 11, 2010

Better blog now

Guess I better blog now - since tonight I'll be ensconced under blankets in my woolens and in front of the TV - for NEW SHOWS.  Finally.  It seems it's been weeks. It HAS been weeks.  Monday night comedies are my husbands FAVORITES, and we've had a standing steady date to spend it together for a long time.  We've been missing out - sure, there's reruns, but it's just not the same as laughter at something new and unexpected.  And he LOVES to laugh.  And I love to hear him laugh.  Can't wait.
Very quiet day today.  Barely opened the blinds, huddled either in the chair or at the dining table with a bead or two (ok, a few more than that, but you get it).  It's been snowing ALL DAY LONG - a mix of barely noticeable sleety bitty flakes, to big, giant slow motion falling flakes.  Our snow blower is getting a work out this week, that's for sure.
I have Facebooked photos of the current work in progress - but I think I'll wait to post the final one here.  AND - it still doesn't have a name.  Usually it comes to me right away.  For some reason it's not coming - but maybe it will when I get to the shop, and lay it out on the design board with the semi precious rounds and accents I have in mind for it.  
Supposed to be a sunny week and in the upper 30's by Friday.  We shall see. Until then - hello wool socks and blankets....and the heat is even ON.
P.S.  Sorry if any of you are having a hard time finding me on Facebook.  I didn't realize how many of 'me' there were until someone did a search.  And even putting in my area and city isn't working.  So I've got to come up with something to help narrow it down.  Any suggestions?

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