Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who couldn't have predicted....

6 more weeks of winter.   Before I was into the whole metaphysical, astrological, Solstice-ological ( ;0) ) stuff, waiting out Phil's 'prediction' was always kind of cool.  I never really paid attention to the calendar date season changes -  But now that I know the whole 6 week thing actually aligns perfectly with Ostara (the spring equinox), it's just DUH.   The first day of spring is almost exactly 6 weeks away-so Phil's not using rocket science after all!  And in MY will SEEM more like 8 or 9.  I think it's going to take a while for Mother Nature to get this crap out of her system.....don't dye the Easter eggs if you want to have a hunt - hide the white ones in the SNOW this Easter!   And since it's snowy and slushy this morning, and my hubby had last night off (not a good thing though-there may be layoff notices to follow :( - I am going to use him to chauffer me and help me make some more changes to Cool Moon Creations & Beads. I may have to take some updated photos when I'm done - now the photo of the shop that's appearing on TV will be a bit outdated, but oh well....

My frog days have still not happened - things have just gotten away from me - had a huge new shipment of beads to put out, and then a smaller shipment arrived, topped by an unexpected find at a store I don't usually go to - where they had beautiful, shimmery AB finish GLASS (but not Swarovski) crystal hearts - all fixed with rings on a chain - for less than $5.00 each.  My brain immediately saw break down potential, as well as a price bonus for some of my customers who aren't addicted to Swarovski.  So yesterday was spent putting out and CREATING with those cool new hearts.  I've got just a little bit more actual SWAROVSKI to put out today, and then I am going to TRY to go on a bead diet.  NO BUYING this month.  I've got a container of misfits that are waiting for new homes, so I may go through those and add them to the inventory.   They'll join the box of homeless beads that are so popular - I even had an out of town customer want to purchase the ENTIRE box this weekend!  She didn't quite take the whole thing - but about 1/3 of it.  That was kind of fun!
Off to pay my sales tax, mail my mom's birthday card, and take a swipe at getting through today!

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