Monday, February 22, 2010

I took the Etsy plunge!

I've been thinking on it, debating it, talking myself out of it, into it, and out of it again.  Today - I did it.  You can now find me on ETSY -
One of the hardest parts about selling was deciding which pieces to list, since I can't have them in my bead shop at the same time.  So I chose a couple new pieces, a couple art gallery quality pieces, and a couple of pieces that have been around awhile and even redesigned.  I will be very curious and excited to see how many hits I get - and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sell something soon.  I know. I know.  Don't expect it to happen right away.  I've talked to several people that have sold very little and have been open for quite a while.  I've also talked to those who make a decent amount on a regular basis, and haven't been in it all that long.  So we shall see.   Thanks again to Lorelei, (thanks, Lorelei, part 3!)  Reading your blog and about your success and excitement helped push me over the edge.  I don't have a banner yet - or probably even a permanent avatar - but I'm up, I'm open and I'm ready for business!  I hope, while waiting to sell my first piece, to come up with a unique yet inexpensive packaging gimmick.  Wish me luck - on both counts!
TTFNOTSD (Tatafornowonthissnowyday....)

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