Friday, February 19, 2010

Midnight blue in the light of day

I love working on the face pieces.  They take on such personality as I work on them.  This one is so clearly a MALE energy.  "Midnight Blue" is what he named himself.  I swear they talk to me.  I know.  WEIRDO!   My nieces and nephews refer to me as their 'crazy' Aunt Sheryl - but in a GOOD WAY.  I think.  :0)  Anyway....This one is a metal focal with a hematite color coating, surrounded with seed beads and cubes.  The outer ring of hematite beads are from a stash of broken, vintage stuff that someone brought me from a garage sale.  It was one of those prestrung, manufactured strings like Mardi Gras beads.  I attached it with loops around the string between the beads.  PERFECT!  I love when I can find new ways to use the old stuff.
And speaking of old stuff....out with the Valentine's display today - and in with the vacation getaway display.  I've got sand, and shells, and sunglasses, and all my beachy summery pieces ready to display.  I'm going to stop at the Dollar store on the way there and see if I can find some other cool tropical display items.  Just one display case - the other will be my signature purples....but still fun!  Maybe I'll post a pic....

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