Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine blogging

Special Valentine breakfast out of the way, crossword puzzle worked - the day is getting ready to begin.  Not sure what we're up to - but I think getting out of the house may be in order.  In the meantime - I have been working on yet another creative project - 'Twinkle'.  The ideas are just flowing out of me - maybe because I haven't had any orders to place, inventory, tag and price lately, and have been doing alot of my beading in the quietness of home.  I can't wait to start on my Jasper leaf necklace - I'm sure Sally is already working on hers.
The situation at The Schoolhouse may have changed since yesterday - but when I arrived to get my project bag, I found that they were open for business - on the ANTIQUE side only.  The antique portion and craft portion of our store is really two different stores - with a large doorway cut between.  So the power only needed to be shut off on MY side of the place (figures), and they could still work from the antique side.  There were a few disappointed people that came for craft mall browsing, but the antique portion was HOPPING!  AND - if the girls discovered that there was something specific that someone was there for from the craft side, they would take them over to shop by 'flashlight'.  CRAZY!  And people were doing it!  I actually sold some beads, even in the dark.  Still - I'm sure overall sales will be affected by the temporary shutoff, as well as our refrigerator (I feel sorry for whoever gets to clean that out now), and, unfortunately, the fact that we have no phones as well.  I am hoping that they were able to get the leak fixed and the electrical issues solved so that they can be up and running today.  I'm just glad someone was there to realize there was problem.  If it wasn't tax time - she would have already gone home for the day. 
Off for a Valentine's Day adventure....

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