Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another great contest entry

I LOVE blog contests!  If I knew that there were lots of people reading mine - I'd have one too.  Instead - I chose to have one with my email customers.  They all love beads, and shop the store, so I'm giving one of them a chance to win FREE BEADS.  And here's another blog with a great contest - I've had pretty good luck with these - I've won 2 in a month - so here's your chance to enter one too!
And for anyone who IS reading, and may be patiently waiting - King's Ransom is DONE!  I'm tempted to wear it today if I can find just the right warm sweater - cuz baby, it's cold outside!    Photos to follow - need to pry the camera out of my husbands hands again.
Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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