Saturday, February 13, 2010

New friend - and a fun challenge!

I think I've made a new beading friend.  Back before the holidays, I met a fellow beader that was just starting out, doing a craft fair at the local pavilion.  She was excited that I was a shop owner, and a teacher, as she'd just discovered that LBS she frequented had just closed.  She took my card, we chatted A WHILE, and I moved on through the show.   I didn't hear from her again - until about a month ago.  She contacted me regarding taking a few classes from me, and we got together.   She is so sweet.  And very high energy.  And VERY excited and passionate about beading. We discovered that we have several things in common - including just living a mile away from each other!  We've gotten quite fond of each other, and we've decided to make regular sessions of her 'lessons', which are more like playdates, and I feel guilty charging her for them.  But I am teaching her things she never knew before, and her excitement continues to grow.  Our meeting yesterday was to complete a funky necklace using a fused glass focal for her sister, AND to teach her wrapped loops for earrings.  At this meeting, she presented me with a gift; a beautiful dark green Jasper leaf pendant.  She also bought the same leaf pendant for herself - in Carnelian.  So - I presented her with a challenge.  When we are not in session together, on our own time, CREATE a necklace with the pendant, and then in a few weeks, at a future session, we'll compare them - and I'll photograph them and put them in this blog!   She was so excited.  And now so am I!
I've been wanting to participate in a challenge somewhere, somehow, and have even signed up for "The Beader's Muse IV" competition - but this one will be much more challenging to me - because I'm anxious to see if, after just a few sessions, Sally is capable and confident in putting together a GREAT piece.  So stay tuned - LEAF WARS have begun!  :0)
Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there.  We'll be having a quiet one - probably a special Sunday morning breakfast, and then a lot of lazy do nothing-ness.   Ahhhhh.....
EEEK!  Bad news from The Schoolhouse - a leak has caused some electrical issues, and the fire department has SHUT US DOWN!   It will be a couple of days before we are up and running - and that means a couple of WEEKEND DAYS without sales.  But I suppose, safety first.  Had the owner NOT been in the office late last night doing paperwork, she wouldn't have known there was a problem - and there would be no Schoolhouse today.  Nice save, Annie!
So I will going long enough grab my work bag and tools (they'll let us in for a minute) - and spending my Saturday beading at home.
Not so bad - but hate losing the sales....oh well.

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