Friday, February 5, 2010

Of Buddhas and Butterflies - for real!

This has been one of those chopped up, no time for serious beading kind of weeks.  Between meetings, and gatherings, and funerals and special customers - I had bits and pieces of time to create in.  So these are the pieces I put together - simple stringing - but still pretty.  And I know there are many people out there who would rather not wear the fancy, detailed pieces that I so much love to create.   The first one is "Of Buddhas and Butterflies" - using Aquamarine, Amazonite, Wood and Bone.  Very simple, which is how Buddha would want it.  The butterfly symbolizes enlightenment - which is how Buddha would want it.  :0)
The second piece is "Purple Peace".  "Nuff said.  A friend from my Thursday group took this piece, along with some business cards, to a wellness gathering last night.  Thanks, Kathy! 
And finally - yesterday was frog day for "Kings Ransom".  Wasn't as bad as I thought - I saved beads and Fireline.  Re-created, and finished both strap sides.  Today is clasp day - which will probably be a RAW embellished tube and loop.  PHOTOS SOON!
Today is my mom's birthday, but since she's in Florida, we'll be celebrating by phone.  I may, however, toast her birthday on my date tonight.  Hubby and I are going to dinner, hopefully someplace special, and then going to see the Broadway play 'Young Frankenstein' at The Wharton Center of Performing Arts on the MSU campus.  This was our Christmas gift from his mom - I Can't WAIT!

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